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Muhammad Ali’s Home Sells Like Hot Cakes, and Here’s Why

Muhammad Ali, a world-renowned heavyweight champion, is considered one of the greatest role models and boxers to have ever existed in the history of mankind. Apart from boxing, he was also known for his interest in and views on politics.

He was not one of those boxers who would win some matches while losing others, and that is why when Muhammad Ali came into the boxing ring, the crowd knew he was going to win.

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Muhammad Ali emerged as one of the greatest athletes of all time through his remarkable performance in the sport of boxing.

According to estimated figures, the boxer had a net worth of $50 million at the time when he left this world in 2016, although we bet he had much more to his name at the peak of his career. It is fair to assume that Ali spent his money freely and comfortably, but he also made some very expensive investments in properties here and there which helped him build and maintain his wealth.

Million Dollar Mansions

The boxer was undoubtedly very smart when he made the decision to invest his hard-earned money into properties. The Kentucky house, which was reportedly his last residential home, has finally been relisted for sale by his widow Yolanda Williams Ali. The house was initially listed at a price of $1.95 million but, after dropping the price to $1.75 million, a buyer was found.

This is not the first time that the Kentucky house has been listed. Right after the death of the famous boxer, his widow put the house up for sale at an impressive price of $2.2 million back in September 2016.

After failing to find a suitable buyer, the mansion was reportedly relisted at $1.95 million last April. The boxer had bought the mansion in 2010 through a limited liability entity at a price of $1.875 million.

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Reportedly, Muhammad Ali spent the final years of his life in this house.

The Historical Importance

Reportedly, this mansion was Ali’s last residence in his hometown before his death, which obviously makes it a very important place for Ali’s fans around the world. The famous boxer died due to septic shock at the age of 74 in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is also the same house where he lived during his battle with Parkinson’s disease.

The Beautiful Exterior

The exterior of the mansion is beautiful with a view of the hill, and the property covers an area of 1.9 acres in total while the house covers 9,304 square feet of it. The mansion is made up of bricks and comprises of two levels, with a beautiful backyard that also has a basketball court.

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Staying true to his athletic spirit, Ali also had a basketball court in his backyard.

The Simple Interior

The interior of the mansion is comparatively much humbler than those which can be found in other celebrity mansions. The house has a spacious formal living area and gym with all the necessary equipment, a wine cellar, and also a billiards room.

Furthermore, according to Jennifer Carrol from Semonin Realtors, the listing agent of the house, the house comes with a separate pool which comes with a cabana and also an elevator.

This covers the formal area of the mansion. The informal area comprises of a family room and another kitchen which also comes with a wet bar. This space also has a home theatre system which, in fact, is two-tiered as it also has a small kitchenette, a bar, and also a wine cellar.

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