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Meghan Markle’s Maternity Clothes Cost a Whopping $630,000, So, Who’s Paying?


There’s no doubt that Meghan Markle was already a fashion icon prior to becoming an official member of the royal family. Understandably this surfaced as well in her outfit choices when she became pregnant, and there’s no denying that her maternity ensembles have been nothing but on point.

The Duchess of Sussex may probably have unseated Kate Middleton as the most fashionable but with beautiful pieces put together come with great price… No, literally, the expectant’s clothes come with a hefty price tag.

Meghan Markle vs Kate Middleton’s Costs of Maternity Wardrobe

One can only imagine how Meghan can instantly turn heads upon entrance of a room or when she graces an event not only with a beautiful face and a striking aura but also with her outfits of the day.

But beware, it will burn a hole in your pocket if you try to cop her looks, which, according to Love the Sales, a fashion search engine, already cost $632,000 till March. This amount accounts for the 75 stylish looks since October, or the time the Kensington Palace gladly announced that the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex are expecting their bundle of joy that will arrive by Summer 2019.

Kate Middleton has lower maternity clothes expenses than Meghan Markle

The sum is significantly higher than that of the Duchess of Cambridge, seven times to be exact, and those who are always putting the ladies head to head would be happy about this news.

Liam Solomon, Love the Sales’ fashion editor, said that even before marrying Prince Harry, Meghan already had a penchant for designer clothes, especially because of her LA-living and being an actress who walks red carpets all the time. As for Kate, she did not hail from a high-fashion background, which explains her more affordable choices.

Most Expensive Piece

Of the more than half a million dollars the former “Suits” actress invested on her maternity outfits, the most expensive is the $13,200-Oscar de la Renta black and white dress, the designer she has been fond of as she was spotted wearing multiple outfits from the brand.

However, don’t scold her just yet, Meghan has also donned affordable yet stylish pieces, with the cheapest from H&M that’s just $26. Because of the so-called “Meghan effect,” the dress was sold out within a day and apiece was sold on eBay for $100.

This was the affordable H&M dress Meghan Markle wore

Love the Sales also noted the fan-favorite Givenchy sleeveless dress Meghan wore at the 2018 British Fashion Awards in December, which accentuated her baby bump. This garnered the most number of like, totaling 365,000 on the internet. The least favorite was the Givenchy ensemble that consisted of a navy blue skirt and sweater that only accumulated 39,000 likes.

Who’s Paying for All This?

Prince Charles is paying for Meghan Markle’s expenses

As for who is footing the bill, it is Prince Charles that pays for her expenses, including clothes, her staff, and royal visits, and not the taxpayers, so you should calm your horses down. According to “The Prince of Wales’ Annual Review,” his income from the business Duchy of Cornwall makes it more than enough to pay for Meghan’s and Kate’s, along with their husbands’, wardrobe.

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