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This is What Makes the Amphitrite, Johnny Depp’s Ex-Yacht, so Special

There are many luxury yachts in the world owned by some of the richest people we know. But there are only a few yachts that are as grand as the Amphitrite. Although now it is owned by someone else after having been sold by Depp to the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling (who has also sold it), what many are not aware of is the fact that it was built especially for the American actor Johnny Depp.

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Although there are bigger yachts than the Amphitrite, but just the fact that the yacht has been owned by both Depp and Rowling in the past makes it very special

Recently, the amazing Amphitrite was seen having anchored at Portland Harbor. Even though this particular location is no stranger to seeing impressive mega yachts come and go all the time, the appearance of the Amphitrite certainly managed to capture a lot of attention by the public due to its popularity.

Interestingly, people naturally started looking for Johnny Depp, expecting him to be near the ship even though he is no longer the owner. But their expectation does make sense considering the fact that the ship was made for him, and also the fact that he played the character of a pirate captain in the blockbuster Hollywood film series, Pirates of the Caribbean.

Especially Designed

We get to hear about millionaires investing heavily in the purchase of luxurious yachts all the time, which is why it becomes rather difficult to identify who a particular yacht belongs to just by looking at it on the outset. But when it comes to the Amphitrite, we are not faced with the same challenge as it is one of the most unique yachts in the world due to the fact that it was specially made for Depp.

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The interior of the Amphitrite offers the perfect environment for millionaires to have a great time with friends and family

According to records, the Amphitrite was constructed sometime in the year 2001 and that too in Turkey. The motor yacht has been designed in the steamship-style and is around 156 feet in length. There are multiple decks installed on the yacht, and also five luxurious staterooms to make the guests feel extremely comfortable.

The interior is all decorated with woodwork made of mahogany as well as teak which gives it a flawless finish. No wonder the yacht is able to command an amazing $130K per week being chartered when not being used by its owner itself.

Very Personalized

Depp surely loved the yacht as much as a person can love an inanimate object. He gave it a personalized name, reportedly calling it Vajoliroja which he constructed by taking the first two letters out of the name of his girlfriend around that time, Vanessa Paradis,  his own name, the name of his daughter Lily-Rose, and the name of his son Jack.

But the yacht later became Amphitrite, which is the name of a Greek goddess who was also the wife of the sea god Poseidon, in honor of his wife Amber Heard after the two got married.

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Depp and Heard ended their marriage back in 2017

The current owner of the yacht remains a mystery as his or her identity has not been revealed. Rowling sold it a couple of years back, shortly after having purchased it.

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