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Bizarre Scar on Kate Middleton’s Face You Probably Didn’t Noticed Before

Kate Middleton is one of the most famous names in the world. Whether you read newspapers or watch television, you’ve probably come across several stories about this popular Duchess. Despite leading a very private life, Kate Middleton has constantly been in the eye of the public since her engagement to Prince William almost a decade ago. You can find all the news about her former relationships, fashion mishaps, and wild antics from college days on the internet.

With all the publicity Kate gets for being part of the royal family, you may be surprised to find out that there are still quite a few things about her that the world doesn’t know. One of them is a long scar on Kate’s face which could catch you off guard because most people never even knew that it was there in the first place!

The three-inch scar is on her left temple, which could be mistaken for a bad hair extension mark. Kate had a childhood operation that left her with the scar. We can tell that this scar makes Kate feel self-conscious about her appearance because she tries to hides it from the public with makeup.

The Duchess of Cambridge revealed she was a naïve mother the first time she became a parent. Today, she has three kids and has mastered the art of motherhood. Have you ever wondered why we don’t call Kate, Princess Kate? Princess Diana wasn’t a princess like Meghan and Kate, but still took the title of a princess. But, her true title was Diana, Princess of Wales whereas Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge.

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