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Inspiring Story of How Sylvester Stallone Got Back His Pet For $15,000

There are hundreds of rags to riches stories in Hollywood that inspire us every day to work hard for our dreams, because nothing is impossible. You can count the number of celebrities who rose from the poorest neighborhoods of America to live in multi-million-dollar mansions in Hollywood Hills. One of such inspiring success stories belongs to Sylvester Stallone and his beloved pet.

Back in the day, the iconic star was so poor that he was forced to sell some of his most prized possessions for a little bit of money for getting by. Stallone started selling off his properties including his wife’s precious jewelry without her letting her know. Things got worse for the actor that he found himself on the streets of New York with his dog.

But, he sold his dog at a liquor store when there was nothing left for him to sell. The dog could have died of hunger had he stayed with Stallon in that condition, so he sold him off for a miserable $25. The action broke his spirit and his heart into pieces and he walked away in tears. In his despondent state, he watched a boxing match between Chuck Wepner and Mohammed Ali which eventually gave him the inspiration to write his best-selling movie, Rocky. It took him 20 hours to write and sell the script for $ 35,000. He starred as the lead actor and his life changed.

It took him three days to find the man he sold his dog and had to pay a whopping $15k to get his pet back.

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