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How Kevin Hart Turned from Small-Time Comedian to Bona Fide Celebrity

Kevin Hart is an amazing comedian who loves making people laugh. But this talented superstar had a childhood that was nothing less than a tragedy. Hart didn’t enjoy a good relationship with his dad, Henry Witherspoon, who spent more time in jail than at home. The comedian’s mother, Nancy Hart, took care of the family all by herself while living in one of the roughest neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

The family lived through some pretty tough times, living in challenging conditions with very little money to go around, but this helped Hart grow into a more responsible and mature adult who cared for those living in poverty.

In 2000, Hart joined Hollywood as a small comedian who struggled to make ends meet. These days, he stars in many blockbuster movies, powerful ads, and hosts some of the biggest awards shows – except for the Oscar. These achievements happened faster than we expected, making it an extraordinary feat.

Hart has cemented his status in the comedy niche which has helped him create his own unique niche in the film industry, just like how Liam Neeson and Melisa McCarthy built their own empires respectively. In 2014, the world couldn’t contain him when he launched out with three movies at the same time. He made Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list of the highest-paid actors in 2015. He has played some challenging roles in movies such as; Along Came Polly, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Little Fockers, The Five-Year Engagement, Modern Family and lots more.

Meanwhile, he has not given up on stand up comedy; the career that sustained him in his early days when he was just starting out as a struggling entertainer. Hart has millions in his bank account and it’s all due to hard work, consistency, and hustle. Kelvin Hart believes in himself more than anyone else. He is no longer a small fry in the industry, in fact, he is one of the best-paid actors in the world.

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