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Where You Should Go To School To Get The Best Salary

There is an almost infinite laundry list of things that you would look at before entering college, but one of the most indispensable questions would be about the products that a school has produced. Of course, when a school has produced luminaries and top performers in licensure exams, this would be pretty attractive. However, getting straight to the point, college applicants are also concerned about how big they are likely to earn once they graduate. If you are concerned about profiting after graduation, here are some of the best options:

Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University is a private institution that was founded in 1749. It spans 430 acres across a rural setting and utilizes a 4-4-1 based academic calendar. Washington and Lee University has been ranked No. 10 in the 2018 edition of Best Colleges is National Liberal Arts Colleges. One semester in this institution can cost around $50,170.

While this university is not as popular as Ivy League institutions, it is still one of America’s best performing and is fifth in having the highest paid alumni, with mid-career earnings of around $100,950.

Harvard University

Harvard University is America’s oldest institution of higher education and has been considered by the QS World University Rankings as the third best school in the world particularly with its offerings in Life Sciences and Medicine as well as in Social Sciences and Management. It also ranks among the best with its offering in Arts and Humanities as well as Natural Sciences.

Tech pioneers Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates once studied at this prestigious university. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are alumni of its school of law as well as a lot of other American presidents.

Stanford University

Graduation rites at Stanford

Founded in 1885, Stanford University spans 8,180 acres and sprawls across a suburban setting. Stanford University has been ranked no 5 in the 2018 edition of Best Colleges and one semester in this prestigious institution can set you back for around $49,617.

Stanford University has seven schools, four of which offer undergraduate and graduate coursework while the remaining three are purely graduate schools. Stanford has been ranked No 5 in National Universities category, no 1 best college for veterans while it ranked no 8 for best in undergraduate teaching.

Harvey Mudd College

Founded in 1955 in Claremont California, Harvey Mudd College is a private institution which spans 33 acres in a suburban setting. It is one of the country’s top science, engineering and math colleges.The school was founded by Harvey S. Mudd, a pioneering mining engineer.

While it might not be as popular as other US schools, it definitely produces some of the most successful alumni. Harvey Mudd College is also one of the most expensive schools in the country as just one semester here can set you back for $67,155, which is around $23,200 more than the average private college. Its average alumni earn $106,200.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT Commencement 2014

Massachusetts Institute of Technology was founded in 1861 and is currently the best university in the world according to the QS World University Rankings for 2016 – 2017. This, however, is not the first time that MIT has claimed the top spot, as it has consistently been number one across a span of years. It has achieved the maximum score across all categories which includes research, faculty, facilities, employability among others.

MIT has also been the top university in the world for some subjects which include computer science, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, architecture, economics and a lot more.  Their labs and classrooms have always been pioneering research into some of the most pressing issues in the world. The average MIT graduate earns around $110,000.

There is not really a shortage of good schools when you plan to take up college in America. You can go for schools which have very specialized fields, such as MIT’s engineering or Yale University’s medical school. However, when it comes to alumni profit, these schools are a cut above the rest. However, be reminded that profit alone does not measure how good or bad a school really is. Some of the greatest feats in life have very little to do with earnings. What do you think of these schools? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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