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The Most Glamorous Birthday Celebrations Of Celebrities

Are celebrities any different than us? They wear the same clothes as we do [extravagantly fashionable of course], they have headaches and heartaches, fill gas at the station, have birthdays too. Some of them prefer to celebrate their birthdays and privacy while the others do not hesitate to have some of the most glamorous birthday celebrations of celebrities.

The people throwing the most glamorous birthday celebrations make the event extravagant to leave people talking about the event for years and do not shy away from spending huge sums of money regardless of whether it is their 18th or their 40th. Here are some of the individuals who have become famous for holding the most glamorous birthday celebrations.

[su_quote cite=”Christy Turlington” class=”cust-pagination”]”I enjoy the celebration of my birthday as much as anyone else does, but I always remember to start my day thanking my mom because she did most of the work the day I came into the world, not to mention all she has done throughout my life that has contributed so much to the woman I am today.”[/su_quote]

P. Diddy

When P. Diddy celebrated his 40th birthday in 2009 he did not spare any expense. Diddy is anyway known for his habit of throwing outrageously lavish parties when he is not performing for his fans and producing award-winning records. The annual “White Party” held by him is known to boast guest lists which can match just about any red carpet and his birthday party was no exception to this rule.

The party was sponsored by Ciroc and was held in the grand ballroom of the Plaza Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York. The cost of the party was $3 million and the guests included Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Kim Kardashian, Denzel Washington, Jimmy Fallon, Spike Lee and also Martha Stewart. Diddy is way above the rest when holding the most glamorous birthday celebrations.

Paris Hilton

If Paris can be expected to do something right and it is in the form of a party. The socialite turned model and actress did exactly that when she celebrated her 21st birthday in 2002 as one of the most glamorous birthday celebrations. She seemed to have a problem about where to celebrate and therefore had separate parties in five cities throughout the globe. The parties were held in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tokyo, and London. The party began in the clubroom over Studio 54 after which she hopped around the globe in her private jet partying with her closest friends in separate time zones that particular day. Her father reportedly spent about $75,000 for every guest for the extravaganza she had.

Sir Elton John

When Sir Elton John decided to celebrate his 50th birthday he arrived at the party dressed as the highly convincing Louis XIV. The costume was monstrous and his entourage had to arrange special transportation just to bring the singer’s headpiece. The party had 500 of his closest friends attending and it was undoubtedly the most glamorous birthday celebration of 1997 and is remembered for its extravagance until this day.

Hugh Hefner

April 2012 saw the birthday of Hugh Hefner when he decided to hang up his quintessential smoking jacket to replace it with a white tuxedo during the 20th annual Casablanca night held at the infamous Playboy mansion. It was the birthday in the honor of the founder of Playboy and a party that was worth remembering.

The cake featured the face of Hefner on the body of Humphrey Bogart on a movie poster from the iconic head of 1942 Casablanca. The party was certainly beautiful and was full of every living model who has ever appeared on the centerfold for the Playboy magazine.

The individuals we have spoken about definitely have plenty of money and are willing to splash it upon themselves when they consider hosting the most glamorous birthday celebrations. They are not the same people as us in this regard. However, if you had a bank account with an infinite balance wouldn’t you be splurging some of the money on yourselves?

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