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Fussy Parents Meghan and Harry Struggling to Find the Perfect Nanny for Archie

It’s not a secret – parenting can be both super exciting and extremely terrifying, especially for the first-timers.

The sleepless nights, the unending diaper change, and the loud cries could make anyone go crazy, and it’s only logical to be frustrated at times. That’s why it pays to seek help from the people you trust, like your mom, sister, or mother-in-law.

But if all else fail, you can always hire a nanny for an extra hand, which was what Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have done recently — well at least they’ve been trying, but things haven’t exactly gone according to plan.

Not a Surprising Move

The royal pair’s first bouncing bundle of joy, Archie Harrison, was born on May 6, but the news that the new parents were planning to hire an extra help was swirling around even before the child’s birth.

As early as April, rumors that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex already signed up for a London nanny agency were spreading. The Palace didn’t confirm the veracity of this but it’s not a shocker that they have toyed with the idea in the past.

Maria Borrallo is the nanny of the three kids of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Less than two months after the boy’s birth, reports that Meghan and Prince Harry are in search for the perfect nanny circulated. As we’ve mentioned, it is not a shocker because they aren’t exactly the first royal husband and wife to get a nanny.

Remember that Kate Middleton and Prince William hired Maria Borrallo in 2014 when their eldest Prince George was eight months, and she had since cared for the couple’s two other kids.

Third Nanny

In mid-June, it was believed that Meghan and Prince Harry have hired a helper, whose identity they didn’t disclose. The decision was made as the couple was gearing up for their busy schedules this summer with the sixth in line to the throne’s royal engagements and his wife’s return to the usual schedule in fall.

According to sources, the hired nanny will not be based on the Frogmore Cottage, the Sussex’s residence, nor will the British-born be working on weekends, although she needed to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

According to reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are already on their third nanny

However, a few weeks later, speculations that the couple is again looking for a nanny surfaced. As per tabloids, two other helpers resigned, leading people to conclude there’s a reason there’s a brief turnover of staff in a short period. Naysayers predict it was a sign that the former Suits actress was difficult to work with.

Meanwhile, others say that this was purely a personal choice and that there are a lot of different needs of a baby in different stages. The first nanny, an insider said, was actually a night nurse. As for the first-time parents, they allegedly will also require the extra help for their next, much-rumored tour in South Africa.

Other Staff Who Left

Meghan Markle’s private secretary Amy Pickerall resigned

If the rumor is true, then the two nannies join the list of staff who resigned. Meghan’s female guard reportedly stopped working for the Duchess of Sussex in January, six months after she hopped on board. Both Heather Wong and Amy Pickerall, who were private secretaries, also left their jobs.

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