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Foods You Have to Try at Least Once in Your Lifetime

If you truly consider yourself a foodie and you want to set yourself up for a gourmet challenge, you should consider trying all of these foods. They definitely deserve a spot on anyone’s bucket list.

For anyone who has an adventurous spirit, traveling and tasting local foods is a must. However, a lot of the foods that should never be missed are simply too unknown for many to even notice, let alone order. So, for any a traveler out there (or a chef who wants to try out something new) here is the list of foods we would advise everyone to try.


If you ever get the chance to visit the coast of Latin America or the Caribbean islands, you should treat yourself to this seafood dish. Made out of fresh, uncooked fish and mixed with citrus juices, cilantro, and quite a bit of onion and really does have an awesome taste.

The dish is also really healthy, however, you should take care when you are placing your order. Ceviche needs to be prepared in pristinely clean areas. Or, alternatively, skip the cost of traveling to the Caribbeans and try to prepare it yourself.


This is actually a Canadian specialty that is fairly unknown to people outside of the Northern US (and of course Canada) but it is awesome. It is a very simple potato-based snack made with French fries, cheese curds, and light brown gravy. And if you love chili cheese fries this plate is going to be perfect for you. The best part: it is really easy to make so there is no real reason for you not to try this specialty this week.

Raw Oysters

We know that oysters do not sound like that special of a deal, in the end – Who did not try them? Well, it turns out that a LOT of people missed out on this plate. However, there is a learning curve when it comes to eating raw oysters as it can be quite difficult to manage. Some people might even tell you to swallow it without chewing, but if you do that, you will miss out on the fullness of its flavor.


Come on, we all know you actually want to try it. It does sound trippy to eat a snail, however, would it really be that popular if it was not delicious? And thankfully, there are farms in the United States that grow and sell them so you can cook them, or, alternatively, simply go to a restaurant that will do it for you.

The most popular variant in the states is probably escargot cooked in garlic butter. In all fairness, you will probably not feel the taste of the snail too much as the garlic butter tends to have the dominating flavor, however, it is the texture of Escargot that simply must be experienced.


Let’s be clear about this. Caviar is expensive. We all know that, however, everybody should know what it actually tastes like. If you love it, great, money well spent on trying something that you enjoyed. And if you hate it? Even better, you get to tell people caviar actually sucks without coming off as a hater. What we can say is that it has a very specific texture and that it is rather salty.

On the other hand, it can be prepared in a lot of different ways and you can find yourself quite surprised when your favorite version includes pancakes.


Another food that you simply must try even if you are possibly going to hate it. This canned herring is a really tough one, mostly due to its smell. The herring is actually fermented for at least six months before packaging and we highly recommend only eating it when outside. Surströmming is definitely an acquired taste, but those who enjoy it really love it.

Maine Lobster

While we did consider putting lobster in general on the list, there is something about this breed that can make you believe you have never truly tasted lobster before. It doesn’t matter how you choose to have it prepared, it is going to be delicious. However, some chefs recommend them steamed to get the meat tender and avoid it being overcooked.

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