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Financial Mistakes You Can Commit In Your 20s And How to Avoid Them

In your 20s it is likely that you are just beginning to adjust to a number of things like starting a fresh job and paying your bills yourself. It is easy for you to begin having some financial misconceptions and also run into a few problems by making some financial mistakes.

Financial mistakes are committed by many people and you would not be an exception if you are prepared to learn from your mistakes. We are pointing out that some of the most common financial mistakes made by people and ways to resolve them before they get out of hand.

[su_quote cite=”Jennifer Weiner” class=”cust-pagination”]“You should be concerned about the state of your soul, not the state of your bank account.” [/su_quote]

Student Loans

This is a problem that is holding a number of people back from purchasing a home or saving money. Not borrowing the money is not a solution but it is important for you to have a plan on how you are going to deal with the loans. A good option would be to limit your borrowings while in college or even find a job.

The solution for this problem is to complete your graduation and try to ascertain whether you qualify for a student loan forgiveness program. You can also consider working for AmeriCorps but it is necessary for you to make the student loan a part of your debt payment plan and ensure that it is paid off at the earliest because you will have the money to reach other goals you have in mind.

Credit Card Debt

Students are usually burdened with credit card debt because they are relying too much upon when trying to make it through college and get their first job.

The solution for this problem is to stop using credit cards right away. The people then need to set up a budget and a debt payment plan that allows them to pay extra on the cards because it will help them get out of debt and avoid paying huge amounts as interest.

Skipping Retirement Plans

 Retirement contributions are the worst affected when you are struggling to get out of debt. Youngsters typically don’t realize that the money invested in their 20s will begin to work for them over the years. Students who begin investing early will be able to save a significant amount for their retirement.

You can use the following suggestions as a solution to this problem. If you are still paying off your debts you should consider contributing is a sum similar to your employer. After you have finished paying off your debts you should begin sending 15% of your annual income and start increasing the amount whenever you get a raise. Using this method will help you not to miss the money and have a substantial figure for your retirement.

Always Invest In Insurance

If you consider insurance as expensive being without it will be unaffordable. You are legally required to carry car insurance and health insurance failing which you will be liable for fines. Moreover, a single accident or an emergency hospitalization can set you back by thousands of dollars because of medical bills. Rather than get into a debt situation all over again you should be protecting yourself by having adequate coverage.

You can find solutions for this problem by trying to search for a high deductible health insurance plan. The monthly premiums on this plan will be lower but you will have coverage for any catastrophe which may befall you apart from avoiding the fees that will be charged from you if you are not carrying insurance. You may also consider a job where the employer is offering health insurance even to employees that are working part-time.

Lack Of Savings

Your savings will provide you with a cushion for the times when you are facing difficulties. If you do not have a savings plan you will be unable to deal with any eminences. Living without money will bring upon you a lot of stress but saving it will help you to stop living in fear.

You can find a solution to this problem by setting up an emergency fund before you begin working on your debt plans. After have cleared your debts, make an attempt to save at least a year’s expenses even as you make savings goals of other types. If you need to find extra money to save you can consider cutting some of your monthly bills because the money saved can be set aside as savings.

If you have been committing any of the mistakes discussed within this article you will find the solutions provided helpful for you.

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