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The Eccentric Habits Of Famous People

Famous people have a set of eccentricities of their own. They have worked around these eccentricities to make them part of their daily rituals and provided significant evidence to prove their life productive and prolific because of their eccentricities. What are the eccentricities of famous people? These are people following various professions and are following the discipline of writing, acting and business. However, they have become cultural icons and historical figures who are to do things differently simply to stay on top of their hectic schedules. Let us look at the eccentricities of famous people to understand how or why they are indulging in such habits.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]I am not a grammarian. Maybe my style is eccentric. ~Dorothy Kilgallen[/su_quote]

Stephen King

As a writer, Stephen King has mentioned he writes 10 pages every day throughout the year by working even on holidays. He has a habit of working slowly but steadily and his approach to the management of his projects have ensured he has a stream of fresh works entering the marketplace. Presently he is one of the most prolific authors working in America.

Mary Higgins Clark and Sylvia Plath

These two writers began work at 4 AM and 5 AM every day. These women had tiny children and the early moments during the day was the only time they had to pursue their careers. Writer Denison Hatch was writing just 500 words every day before going to work on his day job but he ultimately managed to sell three novels.

Somerset Maugham

Somerset had a ritual of going through of reading a favorite literary passage before he began work and he would read Voltaire’s Candide initially.

Vladimir Nabokov

This writer used 5 x 8″ index cards to compose his scenes and order them for his novels. The ritual helped him to experiment with the order of the chapters before he transcribed them into the final manuscript.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates believes you have a good idea you need to begin moving quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition. Bill Gates mentions when you find a good idea act on it right away.

Richard Branson

It is customary for large businesses to eliminate the competition but to beat large businesses making use of the strength of being small can be beneficial. Major corporations are impersonal and often do not treat their staff well. Smaller companies can ensure their staff is proud of working for them and they will put in extra efforts to be successful. Small companies are more flexible is the opinion of Richard Branson the owner of Virgin Atlantic.

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin was acknowledged by his peers as a person who worked long hours and the benefits of putting in their efforts were well known to Ben. His work ethic was instrumental in the growth of his printing business. Ben was also used to asking himself questions during the day and his first question at 5 AM in the morning would be “what good shall I do today?” And at 10 PM just before bed, he would ask himself “what would have I done today?”


Demosthenes the Greek orator would force himself to stay focused to compose his orations by shaving half of his hair which would make him look ridiculous and he wouldn’t be tempted to leave his home. Victor Hugo also adopted a similar tactic to force himself to meet his daily writing objectives by having his clothes hidden by his valet. The author of the book Les Miserable’s was accustomed to working with no clothes on.

The people mentioned in this list were famous visionaries and in line with their status, they had the eccentricities of numerous people. The contemporary generation is not advised to follow these habits or rituals because the same may not be accepted by the present day population. The possibilities of them being rejected outrightly remain high because some of these tips and tricks may not work for everyone.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]You pretend to be more eccentric than you actually are because you fear you are an interchangeable cog. ~Douglas Coupland [/su_quote]

These people managed to live with their eccentricities while also becoming famous at the same time and it is precisely the reason why we are calling them the eccentricities of famous people.

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