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Dreamers and Builders: Jeff Bezos Explains the Meaning Behind 2 Secret Inscriptions in His Library

As the richest man in the world, Jeff Bezos has built an unmatched real estate portfolio with several lavish homes scattered around the world. And since the tech billionaire is a self-proclaimed bookworm, none of his homes are complete without a fully-stocked library.

Although we may never get the chance to take a peek inside Bezos’ home, we do know that his library has some pretty unique features that tell a fascinating story about the man’s entrepreneurial journey.

For example, the two fireplaces facing each other with inscriptions “builders” and “dreamers” written on them. What could be the meaning behind these words? Here’s the inspiring story behind it.

The Conference

For the first time, Bezos held a public conference to launch Amazon’s Re: MARS AI in Las Vegas during which he gave the world a chance to know a little more about him and his ambitions.

Some of the topics covered included fireplaces, libraries, and robotics. Surprisingly, the Amazon  CEO didn’t hold the conference in Palm Spring like he usually does.

Bezos reveals they envision for a future where dreamers and builders collaborate to realize their dreams and goals.

Bezos reveals they envision for a future where dreamers and builders collaborate to realize their dreams and goals.

Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s senior executive, described how Jeff Bezos’ library consists of two different sections, each having its own fireplace. One side is fitted with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves stocked with Bezos’ favorite books. 

The fireplace in this section reads an inscription: Builders, and surprisingly, contains books authored by builders. Meanwhile, the other side reads “Dreamers” and is stocked with stories written by dreamers.

The Explanation

After Wilke’s warm-up speech, Jeff Bezos took the stage to elaborate on his library’s structure. Bezos revealed that being a dreamer and builder works hand-in-hand. The CEO adds that gazing at his library helps jog his creativity and imagination.

Bezos says dreaming and building his dreams allow him to keep going in accomplishing his and his company's goals, no matter how ambitious it is.

Bezos says dreaming and building allow him to keep accomplishing his goals, no matter how ambitious they may seem

For example, Bezos created Alexa because he got inspired by the Star Trek computer. The ideas he got from “dreamers” books motivates him to build a platform that was unique and helped solve real-world problems. In turn, the foundation gives a platform for dreamers to keep dreaming while the builders realize their visions and goals.

A Life Lesson

Bezos also says he applies the same principles in his life. He knows it’s challenging to reach your goals, but you can bring any idea to life once you start building it. If you’re stuck in life and don’t know how to do something worthwhile, then it’s time to unleash your creativity.

Aside from working on improving Amazon, Bezos says these principles help him to found Blue Origin space venture.

Aside from Amazon, Bezos says these principles helped him bring his space project to life

The CEO encourages everyone to unleash their imaginations, no matter how bizarre or unreachable it may seem. Nothing is impossible if you’re inclined to build and turn things into a reality.

If we’ve made it possible to fly in the sky through airplanes and explore outer space, Bezos assures that everyone we can achieve their dreams no matter how big they may seem.

Venture Applications

Aside from his personal life, Bezos also applies these principles to his own company, Amazon. He and his executives continue to make innovative products and services that provide solutions to customers’ problems. Bezos is also excited to apply to put his new vision into motion with his new space venture, Blue Origin.

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