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Drake’s New Toy is Reportedly Worth $220 Million, Be Ready to Turn Green with Envy!

If your estimated net worth is well above a hundred million dollars, then it’s hard not to desire the finer things in life. After all, you worked hard for that cash and there’s no reason not to indulge at times. Drake, famous rapper and may perhaps be best known for being Jimmy Brooks in the drama series “Degrassi,” is one to treat himself with extravagant treats every now and then, making sure that his taste never goes below luxurious.

New Toy

Drake showed off his new private plane

Apparently, Aubrey Drake Graham, or simply known as Drake, has opted to buy himself a new toy, which he unveiled on his Instagram, that will make his playmates turn green in envy. The “Hotline Bling” singer showed off his Boeing 767-300F cargo plane that was customized to become one of the most opulent aircraft you may ever see.

One look at it and you’ll immediately know that it’s owned by the man himself, especially with the shouting OVO owl logo emblazoned on the body of the jet.

The logo symbolized the 32-year-old’s music label October’s Very Own while his praying hand logo can be seen as well on the tail. Add to that the “Air Drake” decal plastered in one of the engines, which makes it not difficult to recognize who is riding the plane.

Drake gave a short tour of his new buy and you will easily understand how this was not the typical kind – the cargo plane was made to fly hundreds of passengers and tons of cargo, but it was customized to accommodate a king plus an entourage.

Comfortable Ride

The former actor’s private jet boasts plush sofas

Inside, a huge and extravagant-looking lounge area greets you and what will make the experience more regal were the golden walls. The luxurious private jet looks more comfortable, too, with the posh plush sofas that will surely make the ride an unforgettable one.

With all the customization, you can’t expect that it comes cheap. According to Airways magazine, an aircraft like that would set you back by $185 million, but because of the installations and personalization, CNN reported it was now worth $220.3 million.


The rapper credits the president of CargoJet for the materialization of the deal

It’s hard to imagine how Drake was able to afford such a beauty, especially since his net worth was estimated to be $140 million. However, the actor-turned-musician credited Ajay Virmani, CargoJet president, and CEO, for making it happen. According to reports, the Canadian exec and the rapper go way back and the former is actually close with some big personalities, too, like Ludacris and some Toronto Raptors players.

This wasn’t the first time he chose to go big than to go home, even his abode oozes of opulence. Drake bought a $6.7-million plot in one of Toronto’s most upscale neighborhoods, Bridle Path, where he is building a mansion. His soon-to-be castle will reportedly feature a wide basketball court and even a jersey museum, which was not a shocker because he is a known fan of the sport after being seen in many NBA games.

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