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Crazy Bid: Niall Horan’s Half Eaten Toast Sold for $99,000


There was a time when the once-popular band, One Direction, was in Australia for a show and one of the members, Niall Horan found himself in a weird situation. Horan was asked to take a bite out of a slice of toast that had Vegemite on it. As soon as the singer tasted it, he spat it out, calling it the most disgusting thing ever. The remainder of the bitten toast was sold to a fan who paid a hefty price to own his idol’s leftovers. The fan coughed out a whopping $$99000 for that sad piece of toast.

Horan, who left the bank for his solo career is a heavy spender.  The singer’s spending spree is something to be worried about.  He has spent $2.3 million a year to make sure that his lifestyle is maintained and his business is stabilized.

business venture includes a golf management company, that has paid $290,000 to its creditors. The truth is Horan is not making as much as he was making when he was with the band.

The question remains, is Horan about ending up in a bad financial state? Only time can tell if Horan would get grips of his spending. We hope he stays afloat and reduce his spending.

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