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Most Common Shopping Myths People Believe In

Shopping is definitely a great way to unwind, however, it can be pretty addicting. There are people who simply love window shopping, which is literally just looking around without actually buying anything. There are also people who simply couldn’t resist a sale or if there are new arrivals on every store, most of the time, they are considered to be shopaholics.

It is basically when a person simply couldn’t say no to any store, and they wouldn’t be able to feel satisfied until they actually buy something almost every day. Then again, for the benefit of the doubt, there are actually shopping myths that most people believe in, here are some of them.

[su_quote cite=”Karl Lagerfeld” class=”cust-pagination”] “Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.”[/su_quote]

#1 Buy in Bulk

One of the most common myth people believe in when it comes to shopping, is that it is always advisable to buy in bulk. This is actually true, but not on every item. There are particular items that you can ideally get in bulk such as laundry detergents, shampoo, soaps, tissue, and other toiletries that would take years to expire.

Buying in bulk also depends on how big your family is, obviously, if you live alone, it is not really ideal to buy things in bulk since it would be too much. There are also times that buying in retail is cheaper, you just have to be meticulous with everything if you really are trying to save a couple of dollars.

#2 Black Friday is the Best

Every American gets their credit cards and cash ready when Black Friday sale is coming up. It is considered to be a holiday for people who love to shop. However, study shows that not all the items that are sold during Black Friday sale are actually great deals or even worth it. Come to think of it, business is business, they wouldn’t let the people just get great deals without them having to take advantage of it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping during Black Friday sale, but you have to cautious on what exactly you are getting, keep in mind that quality must always be at its finest.

#3 If it’s on Sale, Buy it

People always go crazy when there is a sale, it would even come to the point that they would buy a particular item that they wouldn’t really use or don’t really need, they would buy it just because it is a sale. People need to understand that one of the main reasons a store would go on sale is that if they want to get rid of certain items. So not everything that is on sale is worth buying, the excitement that people feel when there is a sale is a sign that there is a chance that they would buy something that they don’t need.

#4 Best time to buy cars and other electronics is January

The only reason why people think it is best to buy these things at the beginning of the year is that because they’re actually cheaper. They are cheap because they are trying to get rid of old stocks and they need space for the newest items. However, the downside of this is that most of the time, you wouldn’t have a choice. For instance, you are getting a black car, but the only color that is available is red, so technically, you have no choice but to have the red car even if you don’t like it.

#5 Outlet stores are the Place To Be

Outlet stores are famous for its extremely affordable designer items such as bags, shoes, and clothing. What people don’t know is that some of these items are not actually authentic, like how will you know unless you actually use it.

[su_quote cite=”Margaret Mahy” class=”cust-pagination”]“For in some ways the world was like a shopping center, and he himself was a doubtful customer, often ineffectual, being talked into buying things he didn’t want, things indeed which nobody in their right mind would want to buy.”[/su_quote]

It is very important that you always make sure that whatever you’re buying, benefits you in different ways and for the long run. Impulse buying is not really healthy, especially if you’re a shopaholic in denial. Sign up for workshops, forums, or better yet pay the doctor a visit to help you out and stop you from being a shopaholic. Until then, you have to keep out of these myths so that you wouldn’t be fooled.

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