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Chris Hemsworth Has Launched a New App and Here’s Why It’s Getting All the Hype!

Staying fit and healthy is harder than ever; moving out of the house seems impossible with Netflix and other entertainment options at your fingertips, you can literally order food and groceries with just a few clicks, and there is an abundance of unhealthy yet tasty options from several fast-food chains that are simply too good to pass up on.

In today’s digital age where technological advancements are widespread, there is still hope for us to stay in shape, thanks to the quickly evolving fitness industry. Although tech gadgets are both boon and bane, we can certainly use them to our advantage to improve the quality of our lives.

Fitness and technology are two things no one would have imagined would merge one day. But with the onslaught of discoveries and inventions, it became evident that they are bound to meet through the seamless combination of apps and gadgets to make it easier for people to move and stay active.

Heads of Apple and Samsung are not oblivious to the rising demand for health services, and these tech companies are quick to jump on the bandwagon by launching their own digital products, much to the delight of their market.

Chris Hemsworth’s Centr

Chris Hemsworth released a fitness app called CentrTech giants aren’t the only ones that have kept up with the hype, even celebrities have created their own gimmicks to highlight the importance of fitness and to share their knowledge of how they keep themselves healthy.

The latest of which is Chris Hemsworth, whom people may know for being the hammer-wielding god and the titular character in the 2011 superhero film Thor.

His dedication and passion for fitness are far from unnoticeable — I mean, have you seen the six packs on this guy? The actor’s physique in his films like the aforementioned and the indie “Bad Times at the El Royale” can speak for how he values his health.

While there are plenty of apps that provide workout routines or healthy food choices, and some even offer meditation options, Hemsworth has launched a comprehensive one-stop app called “Centr” that offer all three services.

This program was made with the blood and sweat of the 35-year-old – of course, not literally. He spent two years perfecting it before the big launch this year.

On this app, fans and those who want to get help in their fitness journey can get useful tips from health experts that the actor himself has worked with, so if you pretty much want to get the ultimate bod as that of the guy, then you probably need to follow the experts’ advice.

Fitness Experts for Advice

Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, also helped create this appSome of the experts on this ride are Hollywood trainers Gunnar Peterson and Luke Zocchi, bodybuilder Torre Washington, yoga expert Tahl Rinsky, Special Ops trainer Joseph “Da Rulk” Sakoda, and chef Dan Churchill – some of the industry’s finest.

That’s not all, Hemsworth’s wife, fitness enthusiast Elsa Pataky, is also in on this and have helped helm the app. Meanwhile, Hemsworth is known to favor diversity in his workouts, and that as well can be observed in Centr.

Subscribers are given personalized meal plans and routines, but they are also offered a variety of other services as well to help them meet their fitness goals. As such, things won’t be boring because change is always necessary to keep things interesting.

Everything is totally customizable to every fitness level, so if you’re a beginner, you can find a meal plan, workout routine, and intensity that is tailor-made just for your preference.

Like other apps, it can be accessed through a smartphone or computer. It also diminishes the need for subscribers to head to the gym or to go out because you can practically sweat it out at the comfort of your home.

Food, Workout, and Meditation

Subscribers can also find yoga exercises on the appSome of the activities in the app include HIIT or high-intensity interval training, boxing, yoga, strength training, and even mixed martial arts training.

As for the food, meal plans, which are approved by dieticians, are flexible and are easy-to-follow. The app also caters to those who have food preferences, like vegetarians, pescatarians, vegan, and gluten-free.

As mentioned, Centr won’t only address diet and workout matters, but it also offers help by life coaches, meditation experts, and psychotherapists that will be handy in case life throws you lemons.

Already downloaded the app? Here’s how to get started: Input your basic information like your gender, weight, and height and then indicate what your goal is – if you want to sculpt or tone your body, lose weight, or build muscles. Then, choose your intensity (advanced, intermediate, or beginner) and your food preference. After that, the app will offer you a routine and meal plan that’s based on what you chose.

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