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How Cher Refused To Be Held Down by Disappointments and Failures

Cher held the world abound with her magical voice at 19, while most other teenagers were busy with their school and youthful exuberance. At her tender age, Cher had her entire life figured out with her chart-topping songs that turned her into a musical sensation worldwide. Cher became a name on everyone’s lips as she toured the world, headlined a Las Vegas residency, and even started her very own television show.

Cher got married in 1969 to the love of her life, Sonny Bono and they formed the group, Sonny & Cher. Things happened so fast for the couple when they released their  song, ‘I Got You Babe.’

One day they struggled with poverty, and two days later, they were rich beyond their wildest dreams. The group sold millions of albums before they separated in 1975.

But, she suffered from huge dips and huge failures, and people told her it was over for her career. But she stood her ground and refused to believe things wouldn’t get better for her. She worked her way to the top and earned the title of Goddess of Pop.

Cher is a Grammy award winner, fashion designer, comedian, dancer, model philanthropist, businesswoman, songwriter, and television host. She is worth over $305 million and is one of the richest female artists in the world.

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