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Celebrities Who Allegedly Got Their Body Parts Insured

There are just so many weird things in the world, there are unusual machines and contraptions that are of course Man-made. However, nothing beats the fact that cars and other properties are not the only ones that gets insurance, body parts can get insured as well. This is now considered to be a normal thing nowadays, simply because it has been a “thing” long ago but people simply don’t talk about it that much, until it becomes more and more trending with lots of celebrities doing it.

Comedian, Jimmy Durante got his nose insured for $140,000


People have always wondered how celebrities get their body parts insured. Well, it’s not really mainly for celebrities, these insurances can actually be considered as general disability insurance. It is just like how television networks and sports teams get their stars the same insurance. It is pretty easy to get body insurance in the U.S., to be able to insure a body parts, you wouldn’t have to turn to the surplus line market that covers all the oddball risks which regular companies couldn’t really handle.

Lloyd’s Body Part Insurance

This has got to be the most famous insurance company that you could go to. The very first person who got an insurance policy at Lloyd’s was the 1920s silent film comedian, Ben Turpin. According to Lloyd’s, Turping bought a $25,000 insurance policy for his crossed eyes, in case it uncrosses itself. It may seem as if it is silly but it is actually a real insurance that he got. He is not alone though, during that time, it may seem such a ridiculous thing, but in the 1930s, another celebrity, Jimmy ‘the Schnoozle’ Durante got his famously large nose insured for $140,000.


The surprising answer is Yes, anyone who wishes to insure their body part could actually do it. Anyone can definitely order up a specialty insurance if he or she needs it, however, there is one requirement, you must be able to pay for it.

In the United Kingdom, there are actually people who got their beards insured. The members of the Derbyshire Whiskers Club insured their beards against ‘fire and theft’. There is also a soccer fan who got an insurance against psychic trauma, just in case England lost the World Cup. Obviously, these people can afford to get their body parts insured, so if you are incredibly wealthy, feel free to get a body part insured.



It was in 2006 when one of the most iconic football players of all time, David Beckham, decided to play safe. Beckham insured his two legs and feet, as well as his ten toes. It is known to be one of the largest personal insurance policy in sports history that was evenly split among several insurance companies. All of those body parts mentioned was insured for approximately $195 million. He is not the only one though, another football superstar, Christiano Ronaldo, insured his legs for $144 million.


America Ferrera does have a remarkable smile

This actress became known for her role in the American television show, ‘Ugly Betty’. Well, $10 million is not so ugly because she insured her smile at the most popular body insurance company, Lloyd’s. “It was very flattering to have my smile insured for $10 million, it’s not something that I ever imagined happening.”


James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, reportedly insured his body for $5 million. This is because he actually has been doing his own stunts in almost every James Bond film he’s ever done, including the one that will be released in 2018.


Mariah Carey has one of the most recognizable voices in the music industry, which makes her one of a kind. So technically, it is no surprise that this iconic singer has to protect her voice. TMZ released a report in 2016 that says Carey actually insured her vocal chords for $35million. The legendary singer previously insured her legs for the same amount as well.

There is definitely nothing wrong insuring a body part, it is not like it is something illegal at all. In fact, it is not even considered as a sin. However, it is still a taboo subject that not a lot of celebrities would like to admit that they have insured a particular body part. Some famous people are proud of it, some can’t even deny nor confirm it, but one thing is for sure, nothing seems impossible if you have a lot of money to pay for insurance.

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