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Cat Dad Ed Sheeran Grieves Tragic Death of His Beloved Feline Graham

Losing a pet can often be one of the most traumatic experiences. Pet owners would understand how hard it is to cope with the death of a beloved furry companion, more so if you have been through a lot of things together.

It is one of the most devastating feelings one could ever experience, which shows just how much animals can touch our hearts with their adorableness. Singer Ed Sheeran must have felt the same way after one of his dear cats, Graham, died recently.

Ed Sheeran shared a throwback photo of Graham on Instagram

Cat Dad

For fans of the hitmaker, Ed is more than just a talented artist who pours his soul into the music he creates, he is also a cat dad to several felines.

The 28-year-old is not ashamed of his love for fans, even casually talking about his pets when asked. While he is fond of sharing his pets’ mischievousness on Instagram, his recent post about Graham had a different tone.

In a heartbreaking post, the Grammy winner revealed that he lost his adorable furry friend, whom he referred to as “Baby Ba Boo.”

The I Don’t Care singer shared a throwback picture of Graham beside a guitar and added a broken heart emoji in the caption.

Liberty Shaw, who is the girlfriend of Ed’s manager Stuart Camp, also took to Instagram to give more light on what transpired. She narrated that the cat was killed after being hit by a car, a tragic fate that no one had seen coming.

She went on to say nice words about the furry friend, describing him as clever and funny who was good friends with a big German Shepherd.

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn also have two other cats, Callipo and Dorito


According to reports, Ed rescued Graham when he was only little in 2014 and while he is away on tour, he left his pet with his manager and his girlfriend.

As a kitten, Stuart and the singer had always chronicled the cat’s antics. Five years ago, the crooner admitted he missed his cat growing up because he was always on the road, despite this, he said he will be there for him in his later life.

Obviously, Ed and his wife Cherry Seaborn have soft spots for cats in their hearts. They also have Dorito and Callipo, whom they sometimes call Pussle and Squish respectively – they both have Instagram profiles where their adventures are shared.

Grieving Celebrity Pet Owners

Meanwhile, Ed is not the first celebrity who has lost a furry friend. Some even pay tribute to their pets in many ways. Singer Demi Lovato lost her dog Buddy after coyotes took him at the backyard of the star’s Los Angeles house in 2015.

Demi Lovato lost Buddy in 2015

Heartbroken and devastated of what happened, she asked her fans to respect her privacy as she and then-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama grieved their loss. Four years after, she inked a portrait of her beloved canine on her ankle.

Friends actress Jennifer Aniston also did the same thing when she lost her Welsh corgi-terrier Norman in 2011. In commemoration of the pet which died at 15 years old, she got herself tattooed with his name on her right foot.

Speaking of getting inked, Miley Cyrus has long been doing this in honor of her pets, including the time Pablow the goldfish and Floyd the Alaskan Klee Kai died.

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