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You Can Stay at These Marilyn Monroe or Howard Hughes-Inspired Bungalows for $8500/Night

If there is one hotel which the A-list celebrities of Hollywood just love to visit, it is the Beverly Hills Hotel. During the recent Oscars season, the hotel welcomed a whole range of celebrities from Snoop Dogg to Leonardo DiCaprio, all of whom came to spend some quality time at what is known as the Pink Palace.

One feature of the hotel which all celebrities love is the heightened privacy it offers compared to other public places, thanks to the private entrances to each of the hotel’s bungalows which allow them to sneak in and out whenever and with whomever they please.

To keep the hotel in tip-top shape for its esteemed guests, a major project for the restoration of two of the most iconic bungalows at the hotel has been undertaken, and work on the same has now been completed.

And we must say, the bungalows have become a sight to behold, not because they look newer than before, but because their new outlook has been inspired from two of the most iconic Hollywood celebrities to have ever lived: Marilyn Monroe and Howard Hughes.

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Celebrities have been frequently coming to the Beverly Hills Hotel, and affectionately call it the Pink Palace.

The Marilyn Monroe Bungalow

The first bungalow to have under undergone this change charges its guests a comfortable $8500/night, which is not a very big amount considering the fact that A-list celebrities are all millionaires.

Its remodeling has been done by the design firm Champalimaud Design, which has taken inspiration from Marilyn Monroe. It took them two months to incorporate all of the changes, which includes a perfume bar that features the Chanel No. 5 (her preferred perfume brand), and what is called a Champaign bar which features bubbles of two different kinds and a bottle of the Champaign brand Dom Perignon.

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Staying at the Marilyn Monroe Bungalow will bring you closer to how the starlet used to live her life.

Other features of the bungalow include three bedrooms, a living room, a master suite, a kitchen, a fireplace, and a private terrace. For entertainment purposes, a library has also been set up which carries a collection of classic films that starred Monroe. The food menu has been inspired from Marilyn as well to include all of the foods that she liked (at least according to one interview she gave in the 50s) such as a prawn cocktail or an ice cream sundae, to name a few.

The Howard Hughes Bangalow

The bungalow, which is officially the third bungalow at the hotel, has been remodeled having taken inspiration from the life of Howard Hughes. Hughes was a frequent customer at the hotel, and to protect his privacy more, he would sometimes book all of the seven bungalows and make six other hired people stay in each of them to not reveal the bungalow of his stay.

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The Howard Hughes bungalow offers an opportunity to live like one of the most famous celebrities of his time, offering an insight into his particular likes and dislikes.

Guests can secure a stay at this bungalow for $8500 a night. Features of this bungalow particular to Hughes are that, since he loved to have roast beef sandwiches at the hotel, that is a special item on the menu. The suite is inspired by aviation-related artworks and includes a fireplace which allows for wood-burning, and a private terrace to enjoy fresh air in complete privacy.

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