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The Brilliant Way Ariana Grande Will be Making Millions With Thank U, Next!

Ariana Grande has been in the industry ever since she was a young girl. For the most part of her teenage years, she was known as a character in a Nickelodeon series, and no one at that time could have predicted that the girl with fiery red hair from the show Victorious would become such a big pop sensation.

Grande’s success as a musician seems to know no bounds. She has contributed various catchy songs to the music industry, all sung in her beautiful angelic voice, but not many songs have become as popular as her recent one called Thank U, Next!

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Ariana Grande has risen to fame because of her unique angelic voice and has millions of fans around the world.

The Different Theme

It would not be wrong to say that Thank U, Next! did become the anthem of the year. From teenage girls to A-list celebrities and influencers, everyone was singing along and tweeting about this big hit of a song. It was indeed very different compared to the type of songs we are accustomed to hearing through her sweet voice, as it was blunt, sassy, and could be classified as an adult pop song.

Thank U, Next!

Taking the benefit of her mega-hit single, Ariana has reportedly filed to own the trademark of the phrase in April for the production of perfumes and beauty products that would carry this name, at least according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

We are not sure when these products may release but we can correctly make the assumption that Ariana plans on introducing a line of beauty products apart from the perfumes. It may be her first attempt at launching a beauty line but this would not be her first fragrance.

Still, Ari is not entirely new to launching makeup because she reportedly has 2 collections with MAC Cosmetics, which featured lip glosses and lipsticks in the Viva Glam Collection.

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Clearly Grande has undergone a major transformation compared to when she was younger and appearing on Nickelodeon.

More About The Products

Reportedly, the trademark filed by the pop sensation covers almost every type of beauty product and type of fragrance that you can think of, including body mists, body scrubs, bath gels, and body lotions.

Ariana made a debut with her first fragrance back in 2015 which made over $150 million sales. After that, she has launched five other perfumes, her latest one called Cloud, which has approximately made $50 million in the same year that it was launched.

The song Thank U, Next has proven to be very profitable for Ariana, considering the fact that she has recently launched merchandise on her official website, comprising of t-shirts and socks, celebrating the song’s tagline.

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If there is anything that Grande seemingly loves, it’s her own perfume.

The Music Video

The song’s music video was as iconic as the song itself. According to Ariana, the theme of the music video was inspired by the most famous romantic comedies of all time. It included reenacted scenes from films like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Bring It On, and 13 Going On 30.

The music video has over 350 million views on YouTube, a number that keeps increasing with time. After Thank U, Next, the singer released more songs out of which 7 Rings and Break Up With Your Girlfriend almost reached the same level of success that was enjoyed by Thank U, Next.

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