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Does Barron Trump Deserve The Attention He Is Getting From the Media?

Not much information is available about the youngest member of the Trump family Barron although the media has been trying to speculate about his lavish lifestyle. The other children of Pres. Donald Trump is certainly in the public eye with Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr. receiving plenty of publicity.

Barron, who is just 10 years old, has been living in a rather secluded life until this moment. However, curiosity has been generated by the media about the youngest child of the current president of the United States Donald Trump and the child has been called the most privileged kid in America. Let us consider the kind of lifestyle led by Barron Trump.

Barron Trump Has An Exclusive Floor In Trump Tower

When most children have difficulties having their own bedroom Barron has an exclusive floor to himself. He occupies one of the three floors of Trump Towers penthouse suite. It may seem like a privilege but who can deny the youngster.

He’s Literally Covered With High-Priced Moisturizer

The first lady Melania has commented on ABC news that Barron is made to use a moisturizer every night after a shower which may sound quite common. However, the moisturizer has been infused with caviar and is in the price range of $50-$150. Comments can be seen within media that while Barron certainly has good-looking skin the money spent for the moisturizer could have been used to feed starving children around the world.

Barron Receives Personal Attention From His Parents

This is one area where the parents of Barron have been doing things as normal parents. They take care of the child themselves and the first lady is particularly involved in cooking him breakfast, escorting him to school and back, helping him with his homework and spending quality time with her son despite her business responsibilities. The first lady has mentioned that the president is a busy man but it does not keep him away from spending quality time with his son. Perhaps the media wouldn’t be able to create much gossip about this subject.

Home Sweet Home

Moving to the White House would perhaps be a disappointment for Barron who has been growing up in a three-level penthouse on Fifth Avenue which resembles a palace. He is also accustomed to spending time at the families Florida beach house and of the properties which belong to the presidential couple. However, it must be understood that the presidential kid never demanded these things and was just born into them.

Barron Is Choosy About His Decor

Interior design and decor are an important consideration for the residents of the Trump tower penthouse and Barron is not an exception to this rule. He has chosen to decorate the walls of his living quarters with motifs of helicopters and airplanes but does not like the aviation theme within his bedroom and prefers to have clean white covers. The kind of upbringing he has had maybe allowing him to be choosy about his decor.

Barron Has Permission To Use His Crayons On the Walls

Barron’s parents don’t want to inhibit their son’s creativity and therefore if he’s inspired to use his crayons on the walls he is free to do so. After all, he is just expressing himself and the walls can be done over by ordering some paint over his creations.

Barron Is Great With Numbers

Science and math are Barron’s favorite subjects and it looks like he has made up his mind to begin counting his stacks of money soon as he comes of age.

The First Lady Refers to Him As Mini Donald

At the tender age of 10, he has already been referred to as a strong-minded, special and smart boy. He knows exactly what he wants while being independent and having an opinion of his own. He has been described as a mixture of the president and the first lady and is often referred to as the little Donald.

After reading this discussion you could get a better idea about the youngest child of the current president of United States and could even begin to change your mind about the various stories which have been published by the media.

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