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The Amount Bradley Cooper Made From a Star is Born Will Blow Your Mind

Nobody can deny the fact that Bradley Cooper has earned a very high place among A-list actors who are currently working in Hollywood. This is why whenever a movie starring Cooper comes out in cinemas, people can wait to go and watch it due to the brilliant performance he always manages to deliver.

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Bradley Cooper is undoubtedly one of the most famous actors in the world.

Although his first credited film role can be traced all the way back to the very early 2000s when he appeared in the TV film Wall To Wall Records, it was only after 2009 with his phenomenal performance in the movie The Hangover that the world started taking Cooper seriously. After that, Cooper has delivered many brilliant performances in some of the best films to have come out in the past decade, including American Sniper as well as Silver Linings Playbook, to name a few.

The Increasing Amount on Cooper’s Paycheck

When he signed on to work in The Hangover, Cooper charged the film producers a modest $600K to work in the project. However, over the years, the amount Cooper has been charging for every film role he has performed has obviously been increasing proportionally with his exploding fame, and the best example of that is the fact that Cooper charged $5 million for working in the sequel of The Hangover, which came out just two years after the first part.

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It was only after his amazing work in The Hangover that Bradley Cooper became known around the world as a great actor.

Considering this trend, we bet Cooper must have charged a hefty amount to work in A Star Is Born. However, an interesting twist in the plot is that Cooper himself acted as the producer as well as the director of the film in addition to working as the leading actor. Hence, with this film, Cooper did not only earn a salary for working as an actor and as the director, but also a very impressive profit as the producer of the film.

A Very Successful Film

Since Cooper worked in multiple capacities as both the leading actor and director, he did not have to expend a lot of funds to hire people to perform these roles and hence was able to make the entire film in just around $36 million. This is very impressive as the film not only has one of the most amazing actors currently working in Hollywood as the male lead but also the world-famous singing sensation Lady Gaga as the female lead.

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A Star Is Born has been a very successful film, which is especially impressive considering the fact that the same plot has been made multiple times in the past.

The film may have been a gamble on Cooper’s part but, perhaps because of the presence of these two superstars and/or the fact that the film was well-received by the audiences, it still managed to emerge as a very successful project garnering a whopping $425 million till now.

Although we are not sure how much of that dough is Cooper’s share, since he worked on the project in multiple roles, we do expect his net worth to have at least doubled after its release. As of February 2019, Cooper’s net worth has been estimated at around $100 million, and although we are not sure how his earnings from A Star Is Born has impacted his net worth, we bet it is still a very impressive increase.

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