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Are Americans Inadvertently Subsidizing North Korea’s Nuclear Industry?

Kim Jong Un The Despotic Ruler Of North Korea.

Ever since the North Korean despot, Kim Jong Un displayed his nuclear arsenal in the recent past sanctions have been imposed by Americans and the United Nations against North Korea. Companies from America are prohibited from importing products from North Korea or even products manufactured by North Korean workers from any part of the world according to a law signed by Pres. Trump at the beginning of August. The law clarifies that importers or officials of the company will be liable for criminal charges for using workers from North Korea or even materially benefiting from their work. However, reports are now emanating that the United States could, in fact, be subsidizing the nuclear industry of North Korea by inadvertently purchasing processed seafood which is ultimately marketed in stores in America for use at homes. Are these reports true? The best way to find out is to look at certain facts.

Americans Could Inadvertently Be Purchasing Food Products From North Korea

North Korean Workers In Hunchun Process Seafood And Produce Other Products For Export To America.

According to a report published by the Associated Press information has been revealed that a number of products processed by North Korean workers in Hunchun, China by workers outsourced by the North Korean government to China process seafood which is exported to American stores.

The North Korean workers are treated like slaves and are not entitled to any privacy. They are just allowed to take a few steps to the factory while being constantly watched by North Korean minders. Access to telephones or any other means of communication is restricted. The workers are only paid about $300 a month out of which nearly 70% goes into the coffers of the North Korean government.

North Korea has already been sanctioned and is not allowed exports on various products but the government has devised an ingenious way of exporting labor by the thousands throughout the world. China also is a major employer of North Korean workers that are available for a dirt cheap price. Any wages paid to the workers are indirectly being siphoned off by the North Korean Regiment which according to estimates is generating revenues to the tune of $200 million-$500 million every year.

Approximately 3000 North Koreans are estimated to be working in Hunchun which is just a few miles away from the North Korean border where using North Korean labor is considered legal. These workers are not just processing seafood like salmon, squid and snow crab which are exported to the United States and Canada but are also involved in making wood flooring and garments in factories located in the region.

How Could Americans Contravene Laws Promulgate By Themselves?

Products Are Usually Exported In Generic Packaging

The law promulgated by president Trump makes it clear that import of products manufactured or processed by North Korean workers was a criminal offense. Companies importing the products have made statements they are unwilling to support the North Korean regime in its attempts to acquire nuclear weapons. Some have mentioned they have cut off ties while others have only made commitments to conduct an investigation.

The sanctions imposed by the United Nations and America clearly confirm that any dealings with the North Koreans are prohibited. However, deficiencies exist in the sanctions because there is no information which states what actions should be taken if North Korea exports labor to China that is used to manufacture or process products which are in demand in the United States. This is a loophole which is being exploited by the North Korean despot.

China has already legalized the use of North Korean labor in Hunchun where the workers are employed by the companies involved in the processing of seafood and other products. The finished products are exported to the United States and approximately 2000 tons of seafood finds its way to the United States and Canada every year from the companies which are employing North Korean workers in China.

Branded Products Are Also Popular Among The Exports.

The products exported to America are usually packaged in generic packing and in many cases was also exported as branded products. Names such as Walmart and Sea Queen which is a seafood brand exclusively available at ALDI supermarkets which has approximately 1600 documents spread across 35 states are also quite popular among the exports. If major supermarket chains are importing these products it is certain they also have a market for the same. Americans are inadvertently purchasing seafood and other products which are being imported into the country in branded and generic packing from China but have been manufactured and processed by North Korean workers that are working for as little as $300 per month while giving the North Korean regime an opportunity to siphon away 70% of their income leaving them with just about $90 a month.

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