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Is It Alright To Lose Weight Fast?

Experts in the business of weight loss have been recommending that people who are trying to lose weight must do so slowly if they intend to keep the weight off their body. Researchers, however, have come up with another theory after tracking people for a year. Some of the people dropped their weight fast while the others did it as suggested by the experts. They were surprised to find no difference among the group that kept the weight off and the group that didn’t.

It was noticed that some obese people lost weight fast though the reasons for the same were not identified. Researchers have however concluded that slowing down the loss of weight could, in fact, derail any chances of keeping the weight off. Considering the research and the results what are the actions that people who are trying to lose weight should consider?

[su_quote cite=”Robert Atkins” class=”cust-pagination”]”If you believe that weight loss requires self-deprivation, I’m going to teach you otherwise.”[/su_quote]

Losing A Little Weight Can Prove Helpful

This is a weight-loss trick that will help you achieve your objective and also boost your health. You should be focusing on losing around 5 to 10% of your body weight currently. By indulging in such activity you will be able to see the results right away.

Your cholesterol levels will be lower and your blood pressure will be in control. Your risks of diabetes and heart disease will also be diminishing and if you are already affected by these conditions a minor drop in your weight will improve the conditions.

Don’t Expect Instant Results From Workouts

When you begin working on cutting back your weight you will derive better results from your diet rather than any workouts. The reason for this phenomenon is because it is easier to cut extra calories than to burn them from any exercise you may be involved in. The workouts will help you to keep the weight off by improving your metabolism as you begin losing weight gradually.

Don’t Rely Just On Low-Fat Diets

As long as you are having it in moderation you can go ahead with butter and red meat. Doctors have now determined that cutting fat does not always lead to fat loss and that the fat you have does not always lead to fat accumulation in your body. Your best chances would be to rely on unsaturated fats and lean red meat which can help you adequately.

The body needs more energy to digest proteins than is the requirement for fats or carbs. Proteins keep you feeling fuller longer and they can also keep your body sugar levels in good condition. You are not going to feel the spikes you normally get if you have carbs like a potato or white bread.

Having More Fruits and Vegetables Isn’t Helpful

Having a lot of broccoli is not going to change the scale by a large margin. Weight loss happens when you reduce all kinds of calories and you will have to get into a balancing act. You can definitely have all the fruits and vegetables you want but you will need to cut back portion sizes of other items you have chosen.

The Size of Your Pants Matters More Than Your BMI

People who are not obese and have a BMI below 30 are likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes and also succumb to the problem if they also have extra pounds around their waist. Doctors are calling this high waist to hip ratio and have confirmed that the size of your pants must be monitored regularly.

Fitness And Fatness Don’t Go Together

Yes, you can be fat even as you run a few thousand meters or do some push-ups. Your heart and blood sugar levels may show up as normal on any tests conducted. However, if you have the extra weight around your waist you are likely to encounter health problems at a later stage including problems like diabetes, heart disease, and cancers.

Your Willpower Doesn’t Mean Anything

The condition of obesity is an epidemic. Our weight and our eating habits have everything to do with the genes in our body and the manner in which we handle stress and emotions along with the type of foods we can afford. Obese people generally do not respond to leptin which is an appetite-controlling hormone-like other people do. Therefore in such cases, your willpower does not mean anything.

[su_quote cite=”Jennifer Hudson” class=”cust-pagination”]”I’m prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar!”[/su_quote]

As you can see losing weight fast may be a desire of many people but it may not be the appropriate choice because of the reasons which have been specified above.

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