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Alicia Keys Reveals How She Maintains Her Sanity in Hollywood

When Alicia Keys was growing up, she enjoyed putting her thoughts down on paper to help her cope with stressful situations. This way, she was able to let go of things that were cluttering up her mind, and achieve inner peace. When she writes her thoughts down in her diary, it gives her more freedom to be creative and focus on things that actually matter. The singer has kept diaries for many years. Lately, she has found another way to get rid of negative energy around her so that she doesn’t have to keep writing things down.

She has learned not to allow herself from becoming vulnerable in her thoughts. In an entertainment world filled with pressures and challenges, even keeping your head above the water can be an arduous task. But Keys is living her life one day at a time. She joined the entertainment industry as a teen and has learned the art of self-acceptance and not running after an ever-evasive goal of attaining perfection.

While the industry is harsh and judgmental, coupled with the craziness of social media, Keys has developed a thick skin over the years and she no longer cares about what people think of her.

She cares less about the opinion of others who are out to destroy her peace of mind. Instead of suckling over hate speeches on her, she utilizes her energy for something productive. She is teaching her two sons on how to empower women around them and honor their life partners in the future.

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