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Adele and Husband Simon Konecki’s $180-Million Divorce is Unlikely to be Messy

“Sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead …” this is how one line in the 2011 hit song “Someone Like You” goes. Everybody knows this is by Adele, the singing prowess who has once defeated Queen Beyonce for Grammy’s Album of the Year Award.

Her songs contain some of the most heartfelt lyrics you have ever heard and can make brokenhearted people cry any time of the day. The English singer, however, may have proven to herself that from the line mentioned, the latter statement is truer than the first – at least for her current situation.

Adele and Simon Konecki are splitting after seven years together 

This is after Adele and husband Simon Konecki announced they were calling it quits on April 19 after being together for about seven years. The news was a shocker, since the couple was notoriously private about their relationship, so people were wondering what went wrong along the way.

Both of them refused to comment further but the singer’s representatives said the parents are committed to raising their 6-year-old child, Angelo, together.

Rumored Reasons for the Split

One insider touts the unconventional relationship they had that stemmed from Adele’s busy schedule, pretty much like they didn’t have much family time the past few years, as the reason. The tipster further narrated how the singer stayed in Los Angeles with their son, while Simon became busy with his own thing. Although they were rarely photographed as a family together, the 15-time Grammy Award-winner treasures these times, the source added.

Adele’s busy schedule took a strain on her family, a source claims

Another source claimed that Simon and Adele initially had a lot of things in common, but with the passing time, they grew apart. This was led by the left and right tours, hectic schedule, and so many more. For the husband, the insider said he was always fine being in the background and supporting his wife in public events. Although they were happy, they just decided that it’s not working for both of them anymore.

Focus on Their Son

Just as you would expect, the kids are the ones who find it harder to move on after a fallout between the parents. In this case, Adele and Simon made it clear that they are going to raise their child “together lovingly,” which was confirmed by a source.

According to the insider, the $180-million divorce will certainly not be messy because the “Hello” singer is always wary when it comes to making decisions that may affect Angelo. Another source also backed this up and said that the divorce will be likely amicable because of the child.

$150-Million Divorce

Adele and husband Simon Konecki don’t have a pre-nuptial agreement

The staggering amount will mean that Adele’s fortune may take a blow, especially if they filed for a divorce in California, where they have a property and Simon has a business base. If yes, then the man may get half of her income.

Lawyer Sandra Davis pointed out that what was made for the whole duration of the marriage should be split into two equally. Family attorney Suzanne Kingston, meanwhile, begged to differ. She said that if Adele would opt to claim that her singing talent is “effectively genius,” then the division would likely not be 50-50.

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