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6 Strangest Sports Played Around The World

Sports have always been an essential part of defining the culture and traditions of different countries. People have developed several leisure activities through which a number of games have been recognized on national and international levels. But have you ever tried fighting a can of Kung Fu soup?

Here’s a list of sports from around the world that will make it difficult for you to accept they exist.

1. Wife Carrying in Finland

Wife carrying, sometimes known as wife running, or eukonkanto in Finnish, was invented in Sonkjarvi, Finland where the most famous competition, Wife Carrying World Championship is still held. Basically, the husbands participate in the obstacle course race carrying their wives on their shoulders. The female contestant is carried in many ways including; a fireman’s lift – over the shoulder, piggyback rides or Estonian style – female contender hanging upside down with legs around her husband’s shoulders.

The winners get beer equal to their wives’ weight and a cash reward that is five times that of their wives’ weight. Sounds good for an adventure with a reward at the end.

2. Zorbing from New Zealand

Originally located in Rotorua, New Zealand, Zorbing was invented in 1994 by Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akers. Zorb is a giant, inflatable, human-sized ball made of air-filled plastic layered two fold. The air in between the layers helps in providing safe cushioning to the participant inside. The riders are supposed to roll the ball either on land or water. Some zorbs are harnessed to control the movement while some are left to roll and toss around freely. Pretty fun experience that should be tried at least once on your next trip to New Zealand.

3. Yukigassen in Japan

Very interesting and somewhat nostalgic for people hailing from cold regions, Yukigassen is an extreme winter sport involving a giant snowball fight. Yukigassen is a Japanese term that literally means “snow fight” originated in Hokkaido, Japan. Every year, a number of countries like Australia, Canada, and Russia along with Finland arrange World Championships attracting a huge crowd for the show. The sport is played between two teams with 7 members each wearing helmets with face shields for safety purposes. Around 90 snowballs are made in advance and the real fun actually begins when the teams hit the court. Every time a player is hit with a snowball, they are eliminated from the lap.

4. Bossaball in Spain

Played internationally, Bossaball originated in Spain and appears to be a mishmash of soccer, gymnastics, volleyball, and Brazilian capoeira. The sport is not only fun to play, but it is also exciting to watch players performing aerial acrobatics bouncing around the court. Two trampolines are placed at the opposing sides of the net surrounded by an inflated surface. A member from each of the teams takes up the position on the trampolines, one of which is an attacker and the other acts as the goalkeeper. The attacker serves the ball and the opposing team has to return the ball back over the net with up to a maximum of 5 contacts.

5. Fireball Soccer from Indonesia

Taking rules and plot from the beautiful game of traditional soccer, some Indonesians invented an intriguing sport with a twist. A coconut is left to soak in gasoline for about a week to create a unique ball that is literally set on fire. To our surprise, the teams are supposed to play barefoot and heading the ball is rare (thank goodness). The teams compete to knock the ball into opposite nets just like the original sport is played. The championship is held in Indonesia once a year to celebrate the Islamic Festival of Ramadan.

6. Underwater Hockey in England

Another winter sport, underwater hockey is played somewhat like ice hockey. The difference is that it isn’t over the surface. Scuba divers equipped with fins, snorkel masks, and swimsuit participate in the game with the pot set on the opposite ends of the pool. Underwater hockey or Octopush was invented in Portsmouth in the 1950s and it has gained international recognition with World Championships held throughout the UK, South Africa, and Australia.

From ostrich races to dance of war, people around the world have invented interesting and extraordinarily unusual games to cure their boredom. While some of them sound too out there to participate in, we think giving adventure a chance once in a lifetime can be worth your while.


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