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5 Unusual And Strangely Addictive KitKat Flavors To Thank Japan For

You might have heard about all those Kit Kat flavors that they make in Japan and how you wish that they would produce these everywhere else as well. While that is definitely true, you might not believe how this candy bar comes in exotic flavors such as alcoholic beverages, fermented veggies and local traditional snacks. Here are some of them that you should try the next time you travel.

Japanese Sake

While green tea Kit Kat could be one of the best things that has ever happened to candy bars, you might wonder what could be the result if somebody thought about turning another Japanese traditional drink into your favorite crunchy snack bar. Enter the Japanese sake flavored KitKat. Sake is a traditional alcoholic dinnertime drink made out of rice wine. It has a considerably high alcohol content, but the flavor is quite light.

This flavor was just released in September of 2016. They mixed Japanese sake with white chocolate, resulting in a unique and pleasant aroma and taste. It has great reviews online, as well.

Citrus Golden Blend

This unique Kit Kat flavor from Japan somewhat tastes like a lemon cooler cookie, which is the kind with the powdered sugar. It hints of a cool and fresh taste on the wafers which are coated in orange. After the cooling sensation, there comes a kick. This comes quite unexpected and feels like a shiv carved out of an orange peel got shoved in your mouth. What is even more surprising is that there is more citrus in this snack than there is in a glass of orange juice.

Kinako Ohagi

Kinako Ohagi is a traditional Japanese snack that is quite similar to mochi. It is made from a toasted soy flower called Kinako covered in sweet beans or sesame. This snack is typically served during Higan, a Buddhist holiday where people visit family graves to comfort the spirits of their ancestors. Although reviews say that this flavor tastes more like a hazelnut latte, it is clear that Kit Kat does respect and encourage tradition.

Momiji Manju

Momiji Manju is a popular traditional snack that can be traced to Hiroshima. It is a fragrant steamed bun stuffed with red bean paste. The Momiji Manju flavoured Kit Kat is limited to production in the area, so it looks like you would have to travel to Hiroshima to have some of this. Reviews of this flavor are generally good. It would be a great snack to bring home to friends and family to get them to taste a bit of Japanese tradition.

Edamame Soybean

Edamame has always been a staple appetizer in any Japanese meal regardless of what time or occasion it is. When that gets turned into a Kit Kat bar, things get quite different. Some would say that this flavor would never sell in North America, but we disagree.

Edamame is very lovable as a snack by itself. While this candy bar does not really capture the taste of a pod of soybeans, we get the point. It smells overwhelmingly nutty and might not appeal much to those who are allergic to nuts. Overall, the taste can be likened to almonds covered in white chocolate, which is not bad at all.

We know about chocolate and white chocolate Kit Kat, then green tea Kit Kat. This list shows us that there is much more than what we know and that we have to try each one very soon. Have you tried other outrageous flavors of Kit Kat? How did you find them? Share with us your experiences in the comments below.

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