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When Does Money Matter?

“Money can’t buy happiness.” That has got to be one of the most common sayings when it comes to money. There have been thousands of debates when it comes to the question, “is money important?” This question doesn’t technically have a right answer, simply because it would always depend on the type of person you’re asking it to. It would depend on the age, the way of living, culture, and other aspects of life. It will always be how a person sees it. Money does play such a huge part in people’s lives so here are a couple of reasons why.


This has got to be the most common reason why money is actually pretty important. In this world we live in today, you simply cannot survive if you don’t work and earn money because that money will be used to get things like food, pay rent, and of course clothing.

Those are technically the three most important things a person needs to have to be able to survive. Money doesn’t just rain from up above, it has to be earned. A person can’t simply sit all day and wait for money, it is what a homeless person does. However, that is not exactly what an ideal life should be. A person has to work hard to be able to earn enough money to provide for himself.


Another reason why money is important is that it could be your way to a better life, and a better life starts with being educated. They say that if you study well, you’ll be able to get a well-paying job, that just means that money is extremely significant if a person wants to have a proper education. It is a fact that education may not be one of the three major things to survive, but it is close enough.

Without education, there are a lot of things that people wouldn’t understand. There wouldn’t be doctors who helps save lives, there wouldn’t be lawyers, there wouldn’t be police officers, there wouldn’t be teachers, and most of all there wouldn’t be public servants, who will lead a certain country. In order to be one of them, a person must have a proper education, and money is needed to be able to have that.


There are literally 24 hours a day, but for some people who are so busy with their lives, it is just not enough. That is where the money comes in. People who are busy making money while working, are most of the time, the ones who uses money to save them time.

For instance, a normal office employee would get up early in the morning and get ready for work, these are the type of people who would just get some coffee and quick breakfast on the go. That is where money basically comes in since they would rather buy breakfast on the go than make some since they don’t have much time.

The same goes for the people who simply can’t clean their house, they would hire a housekeeper, which will be paid with money as well. Money saves time in a lot of different ways possible and it turns out to be very convenient for almost everyone, that is because, you money simply goes around and comes around, it is just a cycle, but time is something that you can never get back. No one knows what the next day brings so time must be treated wisely.


Last but definitely not the least is the most common one, which is for leisure or entertainment. This is where a lot of money is involved. People pay for tickets to watch a game, a live show, or to watch a movie, for fun. People travel and it is considered to be a leisure because it costs a lot of money. Things that people don’t necessarily need are also bought with money, just like what is taking over the world now, which are gadgets.

These reasons are indeed about why money is so significant in a person’s life, however, these reasons are also about how money can actually let people live the kind of life the way they want to. To let the people experience certain things while they’re still alive. Money may always involve material things, but that is just what the world has become, people simply have to blend in, but always remember that not everything can be bought with money.

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