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These Weird Things That Jennifer Aniston Has Done for a Quick Buck Will Make You Gasp

We have loved Jennifer Aniston in many of her brilliant performances over the years, especially her portrayal of the character Rachel Green in the extremely popular TV sitcom Friends. But what many of us did not know is the fact that, before she became a millionaire, Aniston was earning money by cutting other people’s hair and that too for $10 per cut.

Young Jennifer Aniston Wallpaper

Looking back at photos of when Jennifer Aniston was still very young, it can easily be said that the actress hasn’t shown many signs of aging over the years.

Aniston revealed this very interesting detail about her part when she appeared on The Ellen Show, hosted by America’s sweetheart Ellen DeGeneres. During the Burning Questions segment of the show when Ellen usually asks her guests some very interesting questions which they must answer as quickly and truthfully as possible, Ellen asked Jennifer about the weirdest activity that she had ever performed in her life in order to earn some extra cash.

She Used To Cut Hair For Money

To answer Ellen’s question, Aniston decided to reveal a very interesting fact about her past. She said that when she was in the ninth grade, she started offering a haircut service whereby she was charging $10 for every cut that she gave.

Now we are not sure why Aniston decided to reveal this fact about her life. It could be that she really wanted the world to know that she has some experience in giving haircuts (although we are not sure what good that will do), or she revealed it accidentally as she had to give an answer as quickly as possible.

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Aniston was the first guest to be invited on The Ellen Show, as both Aniston and DeGeneres share a close friendship in real life as well.

Since Ellen also has to give her own response on all the questions she asks in the Burning Question’s round, she responded to this one as well. According to Ellen, the weirdest thing that she had sold was vacuums, and although she could be joking about actually having done it, this still pales in comparison to Aniston’s hair-cutting experience.

Famous For The Rachel

It may be karma or just her good luck, but when Aniston was cast in Friends, she was given a haircut and style which suited her character, Rachel.

This unique style was so well received by the audiences that they wanted their own hair to be cut and styled in the same way, and so many women started approaching their hair stylists with the request of cutting their hair to make it look like Rachel’s hairstyle on the show. This style eventually came to be known as The Rachel, named after Aniston’s character on the show, and it became a very famous look in the ‘90s.

Image result for the rachel haircut

According to reports, Aniston was not the biggest fan of The Rachel, even though it became one of the most popular haircuts in America during the 90s.

Other Weird Things Aniston Is Fond Of

On the same show, Ellen asked Aniston another question which prompted a response from her which again raised a lot of eyebrows. Ellen’s question highlighted the three most common occasions when a person is usually not wearing any clothes, namely during intimacy, while bathing, or when swimming, and she asked Aniston to name one more instance when she prefers to be not wearing any clothes. Aniston replied by saying that she is not wearing anything while watching TV, clarifying that she watches TV at night when she is in bed, and she prefers not wearing anything at that time.

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