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Cardi B Has the Perfect Advice for Everyone Who Wants to Succeed in Life

Depression is not a very uncommon mental health condition these days, which is understandable considering the fact that many people around the world are finding it difficult to cope with the fast-paced life of the modern world.

Usually, whenever we or someone we know feels depressed, the obvious course of action is to seek the help of a professional mental health professional to offer therapy and, in some cases medications, which allows us to break away from the condition and resume living life as normally as possible.

But, Cardi B has a different, much easier solution to curing depression, which she revealed on her Twitter handle to millions of her fans around the world. Not only that, but she has also offered some solid financial advice as well.

It hasn’t been a very long time since Cardi B became famous, but the rapper has already made an impressive net worth of around $8 million for herself.

Just Google It

According to Cardi, a very core reason why many people are experiencing depression is social media and the way they are using it these days. In the tweet she made, Cardi pointed a finger at the habit that many people have developed of observing the seemingly perfect lives of others on social media platforms.

She highlighted the fact that people portray their lives to be absolutely perfect, their bodies to be without a single flaw, and their relationships to be without any issues, and looking at all this is the major reason why most of us are feeling depressed.

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Many studies have linked depression, especially in young people, to the use of social media.

Reminiscing The Good Old Times

This was not a random thought that had occurred to Cardi but came after the 26-years-old rapper was reminiscing about all the good times that she had experienced in her teenage. Revealing a little bit about her time when she was a teenager, Cardi said that she was a huge fan of parties, and loved spending hours to shop at Soho. All this, according to her, made her teenage very eventful and fun.

This is why she called the teenagers these days somewhat lame because they are not indulging in such outdoorsy activities and rather preferring to spend time at home on the internet. When a fellow twitterati pointed out to her that many teenagers are also increasingly reporting being depressed, Cardi pointed to the excessive internet usage as the causing factor, advising teenagers to spend more time with the people they love and who love them including friends, family, or even with their own self.

Image result for teenagers at a mall

Cardi B has encouraged youngsters to spend more time on outdoorsy activities instead of wasting it on the internet.

Some Motivational Advice

But that’s not all the advice that Cardi gave to her fans. In addition to the abovementioned advice, Cardi also encouraged her fans to develop vision boards and highlight personal goals and dreams, complete with pictures and other materials, as this helps reinforce the motivation to work hard towards those dreams and goals every day.

And if you are out of ideas as to what you can possibly do to become a millionaire, then Cardi recommends going on Google and making a search about the best ways you can do that and then working upon achieving them. And if things don’t seem to work out still, then her recommendation is to simply dance your worries away.

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