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How Much Money Can You REALLY Save by Living a Frugal Lifestyle?

You always complain about work and how there is not a perfect one that could possibly sustain your way of living – the endless sighs, the infinite eye-rolls, and so on, but have you ever thought that it could be your lifestyle that’s making you completely bankrupt? Think of it and reflect for a second: if you’ve let go of some lavishes, would your paychecks be finally enough?

Contentment is such a hard thing to achieve, and it is oftentimes associated with happiness. When you think of it, being happy and contented at the same time is very subjective – some people are happy with the life they have and don’t complain at all, while others who have all the fancy clothes, more than one roof above their head, and a lot of food that they can eat still don’t feel genuinely happy.

The point is, it differs on perspective: why don’t you try frugal living and see the wonders it can bring. Here are some tips for those who are starting from scratch:

On Shopping

When it comes to this aspect, some regards shopping as therapeutic while others simply tout is as a reward for an accomplishment. There’s no harm in buying things, it’s just that, don’t overdo it. Chances are, the moment you get your pay, you’ll feel like a one-day millionaire and do just that – spend as if you still have loads left on the bank.

So, when you’re starting on frugal living, deals, discounts, and coupons are your allies, however, don’t misconstrue this as a reason to buy everything you want but not necessarily need.

In terms of shopping, coupons, discounts, and deals are your allies

Head on to thrift stores and see how many great finds you’ll see, and most likely these items come cheaper than brand-new ones you see in malls. Say you’re looking for a lamp, try the thrift shops and maybe you’ll score something vintage and chic as well rather than the pricey ones that are so common.

This said, you can also check out garage sales, there’s nothing wrong with buying stuff from this type of market, after all, “another man’s garbage is another man’s treasure,” if you just know how to reinvent things.

On Food

Although some see shopping as their guilty pleasure, others tout food as their biggest splurge. However, frugality lies on whether you’re willing to let the creativity run through you, like making a delicious dish with just the ingredients you can find at home.

If you’re into take-outs, why not cook at home? This way you can save money and you are sure that what you’re eating is clean. That said, you can invest on vegetables and herbs you can grow in your home to further lessen the expenses – onions and garlic, for example, are easy to plant and are oftentimes used in cooking, so you can definitely save more.

Cook your own food instead of buying from fast-food chains

Also, plan ahead of the week: think of the food you want to eat for the incoming seven days and prepare them in advance in order to avoid making excuses like you’re too busy or too tired to cook. The internet is your friend and there are a lot of recipes available if you don’t know where to start. With meat, you can opt for cheaper cuts, at least you’re still getting protein.

On Leisure

Adhering to a frugal lifestyle doesn’t mean bland living without anything fun to do because you’re on a tight budget. Search for free passes in museums or art exhibits, which is a win-win situation: you’ll get to learn from what you’ll see and save money.

For date night, you and your partner can look for free concerts or better yet, pack food and be one with nature by going to the park for a picnic. Into books? Maybe it’s high time that you visit the library and look at the many selections you can choose from.

Do-it-yourself projects are fun activities to try

Now, if you are crafty and have always eyed that crocheted jacket in the mall that has a hefty price tag, you can make it yourself. This doesn’t just save money, it will be a good substitute for other expensive hobbies because you’re literally passing time with what you’re doing.

Besides, you’ll feel greatly rewarded and accomplished after the project is complete, so what’s not to love? As for beauty products, there is no harm in making your own, like lip balm from petroleum jelly and natural fragrance, which is by far safer than most in the market.

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