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How Much Do You Know About Rihanna’s Net Worth? Find Out Here

You may have already achieved what you set out to when 2019 began, but you most certainly have nothing on Rihanna. If we’re being honest, this is the year a young Rihanna had been dreaming of when she couldn’t afford a pair of shoes while in high school.

In June, Forbes named Robyn Rihanna Fenty the richest female musician on the planet. How huge is that? With a net worth of $600 million, RiRi is ahead of Beyoncé, Céline Dion, and Madonna who are worth $400 million, $450 million, and $570 million respectively.

The richest female musician alive



So how did the 31-year-old Barbadian manage this feat? Well, as you would expect, it all started with music. But like most singers out there, Rihanna has managed to diversify her income by venturing into business, so much so that the bulk of her net worth isn’t thanks to her music.

Earlier in the year, RiRi made history by launching a luxury clothing line, FENTY, with LVMH. Why was this move by the singer a hot item on the news? In doing so, Rihanna became the first black woman to launch a clothing line with the French empire.

With LVMH’s Bernard Arnault, RiRi is in some fine company

And just so you know, the clothing line wasn’t the first time Rihanna was getting into bed with LVMH. In fact, they have actually had a relatively long partnership thus far, with the French giant co-owing Rihanna’s FENTY BEAUTY, a makeup brand she launched in 2017.

The partnership proved to be instantaneously successful, with FENTY BEAUTY recording sales worth $100 million a few weeks after being launched. Naturally, RiRi had engaged in a vigorous online promotional campaign, and with a following of 71 million on Instagram, who would argue that word didn’t get out?

The fact that her products were also available for ordering at made then easily accessible to consumers all around the globe, broadening her potential market. And undoubtedly, her fame obviously had something to do with the huge profit margin she recorded that soon after releasing her products.

She Must Feel Proud

Truth be told, Rihanna must look back at her journey and feel proud of herself. How many times has she come clean about how difficult she had it growing up? For starters, her dad was an abusive alcoholic, and that’s hardly an environment you want your child to grow up in.

Rihanna’s mom tried all she could to shield her from her abusive dad

They were also not financially well up, with the songstress telling of how she had to save up for an entire year to buy a pair of Timberlands. Well, that’s all in the distant past now, seeing as she can now wear whatever designer outfit she designers. You now believe that fortunes can really change, don’t you?

According to Forbes, FENTY BEAUTY is still going strong. In 2018, the brand brought in revenue worth approximately $570 million, and that’s some good money for a relatively young company, don’t you think?

Now with Fenty products already being on the market, expect Rihanna’s net worth to blow off the roof in the next few years. If we’re going by how well her makeup brand picked up, 15 months should be enough for this new brand to create a life of its own.

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