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Jerry Seinfeld Is Super Rich, But He Is Not Retiring Anytime Soon for One Simple Reason

Whenever we think about the richest people in the world, we seldom include comedians in that list, mostly because these artists seem so down to earth and relatable that it’s inconceivable that their lifestyle could be that of a millionaire. But in reality, there are comedians who are among the richest celebrities we know, and Jerry Seinfeld is one of them.

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Jerry Seinfeld is about to become a billionaire, considering the many projects the comedian has recently taken up.

According to reported figures, Seinfeld has emerged as the highest earning comedian in the world on an annual basis, with only 2016 being the year when he came second to Kevin Hart who earned slightly more than him that year. Cumulatively, Seinfeld is worth around $950 million as of recent estimates, which means that he has enough money to last him a lifetime without having to worry about earning a single dime in the years to come.

It All Started With Seinfeld

You must be wondering how Jerry Seinfeld attained all this fame and success, especially if you were born in the 90s. This is because the show that made Jerry so popular around the world ended its run all the way back in 1998. Now it has been more than two decades since the last time Jerry performed in it, but the show continues to bring in revenue for him.

Till date, the show Seinfeld has earned approximately over $3 billion, and a large chunk of that has come after the culmination of the show’s original broadcast from licensing deals as well as DVD sales. This is bringing in paychecks for Jerry as well, obviously, and considering that the show’s popularity does not seem to be waning anytime soon, we won’t be surprised if Jerry continues to emerge as the top-earning comedian in the years to come as well.

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The show Seinfeld is considered one of the best TV sitcoms to have ever been made.

The Most Profitable Show

According to analysts, Seinfeld has become the most profitable among the shows that have a duration of half an hour per episode in TV history. Adjusting for inflation, the show at one point in time, when it was at the peak of its popularity, was earning $1.5 million for every episode. Just the syndication payouts amounted to $400 million apiece for the show’s co-creators, Jerry Seinfeld and also Larry David.

Still Working

With all these riches pouring into the bank one would expect Jerry to take a break and simply relax on an exclusive resort in the Bahamas, but that is simply not his style. Instead, Jerry is as busy as ever, with gigs lined up for some good old-fashioned stand-up comedy. The comic superstar reportedly also has a Netflix deal worth around $100 million in his pockets, under which he would be developing two specials for standup comedy, and also a total of 24 more episodes for the show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

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Jerry Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has been very successful. The show released its tenth season back in 2018.

This contract also contains a clause that can open doors for further collaboration between Seinfeld and Netflix in the future, which is obviously very exciting news for Jerry Seinfeld fans. Just last year alone, Jerry Seinfeld made approximately $57.5 million in total income, part of which has also come from the Hulu streaming service which owns rights to the back catalog of the original Seinfeld show.

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