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The Inspiring Story of How Madonna Went From Practically Nothing to Absolutely Everything

When Madonna first entered the entertainment industry back in the 80s, nobody could’ve predicted that she would end up amassing a fortune of around $800 million dollars as reported back in 2016.

Her riches have not only emerged from her work as a singer, but also from multiple other income streams such as her clothing business, her perfumes, and of course, the many tours she has performed in over the years.

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If success had a face, it would most probably look like Madonna.

Even though she is now 60 years of age, her riches do not seem to be declining anytime soon. In fact, the most recent tour she performed back in 2015 to 2016, called the Rebel Heart tour, generated gross revenue of around $170 million, which means that, over the course of her lengthy career, the singer’s tours have managed to bring in a total of $1.4 billion, a significant chunk of which has obviously gone into her own pocket.

Where Did Madonna Come From?

Although now we know her just by her first name, Madonna was named Madonna Louise Ciccone when she was born back in the late 50s. Growing up in a suburban area of Detroit, Madonna was sent to a Catholic school to complete her education, after which she went to high school where she did stupendously well, delivering straight As in all of her course in addition to being a cheerleader.

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It was only her relentless passion that was driving Madonna to keep striving and working hard as a performer, which eventually led her to get recognized.

Such amazing high school performance easily earned her a spot in an undergraduate program at the prestigious University of Michigan, however, that did not seem to be her calling and Madonna eventually ended up moving to NYC sometime in 1978. Around the very start of the 80s, she had begun to write songs and was also performing at any opportunity that she could find.

Finally Discovered

Not long after she had begun performing in NYC that she was able to meet an executive who worked for Sire Records, and this label decided to sign her for a deal whereby they would release singles under her name.

Her first song through the label, called Everybody, came out back in 1982, and it became a phenomenal success. Naturally, she went on to make four more songs within the next couple of years, which ended up being in the top 10 list of singles.

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The Rebel Heart tour was a commercial success, and also a personal achievement for Madonna considering the fact that the singer was in her late 50s when she performed all those shows around the world.

With so many singles under her name, it was time for her album to release, and for sure the album Madonna came out in 1983, peaking on the charts at the eighth place. Her popularity was not only due to her amazing music but also because people fell in love with the way she did a lot of things, such as her dancing style or her dressing sense. Her distinct attitude also became a very unique feature that set Madonna apart compared to other musicians.

Fast forward to today, and Madonna has been able to sell over 300 million of her records, making her the bestselling artist among all female musicians in the world. Not only that, but she is also on the list of all-time bestselling acts at the fourth place, only outranked by music legends like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and also Elvis Presley.

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