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Here’s How Jay Leno Became Super Rich: Follow The Millionaire’s Footsteps

Jay Leno has been a successful comedian and a very famous personality on television. His net worth is estimated to be around $400 million, which is quite enormous for someone whose entire career has been linked to a single TV show, The Tonight Show.

Leno made his first appearance on the show back in March 1977. Before that, he made a few appearances on television albeit in minor roles, in different episodes of shows like Good Times, and Holmes & Yo-Yo, to name a couple.

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The last episode for the Tonight Show which starred Jay Leno as the host aired in February 2014.

When he first came on The Tonight Show, Leno had only been replacing the then-host Johnny Carson as a substitute in multiple episodes. Later, he was hired as the full-time host of the show in place of Carson, and this has led him to amass a lot of wealth for himself.

How Did Leno Earn So Much Money?

According to one of his interviews, Leno said that his earnings are the result of two very lucrative jobs that he has worked on in his career, one as a host of The Tonight Show and the other as a host of Jay Leno’s Garage which airs on CNBC.

We would like to mention here that Jay Leno has a huge collection of automobiles because of his passion for collecting cars with different models and designs. He also has a collection of classic cars and his favorites are kept in a basement under his home, which he accesses through an elevator. In Jay Leno’s Garage, he is often seen showing off these cars and describing their unique specifications.

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The show Jay Leno’s Garage continues to be popular among audiences due to its unique content and Leno’s unparalleled passion for cars.

A Cars Salesman

Before joining the media industry, Leno had been working as a cars salesman. According to him, he kept much of his earnings from the proceeds of this car business in the bank and did not spend a single dime from those savings. Technically, that was the starting point of his wealth accumulation. And, when he became famous as a comedian on The Tonight Show, his earnings grew at a very fast pace.

Reportedly, Leno was earning five times more than what he was earning as a cars salesperson when he joined The Tonight Show. But still, even though he could spend a lot of money, Leno decided that he would save up the money that he was earning from the show in the bank, and only spend the money that he was earning through his car dealership.

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According to Leno, even if the first few salaries from your starting gigs are lesser than what you expected, you should still continue working and more money will come your way.

One Job for Savings, the Other for Expenses

Thankfully, Leno has shared the secret behind the success of his abovementioned strategy. Among the two jobs that he had, he would spend the proceeds from the one which was less lucrative, thereby setting his spending budget, and therefore saving up all the proceeds coming in from his more lucrative job.

As a result, Leno ended up saving a lot of money while also spending wisely. If we accept that he did save up all that he earned from the show, then Leno was saving $30 million every year, which is a lot of money.

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