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Financial Tips From Your Favorite Celebrities

Most people believe that success always comes with money because money has the power to change your life in a lot of ways. However, everyone knows that money is so difficult to come by unless you came from a wealthy family and will never be a financial crisis. These rich and famous people knew what exactly it is like, some of them have been through it, and they believe that money must never control you, it must be you who would control your money.

One of the most difficult things when it comes to money is to save it. Come to think of it, you are working hard to be able to earn a decent amount of money. That money that you have earned will be used to pay your own dues but it will also be used so that you can buy whatever it is that your heart desires. Then again, there is this thing called saving, which basically means that you must keep a certain amount of money to be used later on, most of the time, it is something that you have always wanted to have or do or it can also be for retirement, but why does it seem so difficult to save up. The rich and famous people do save up and budget as well, and here are a couple of things you can learn from them.


If you think that celebrities always wear the most expensive pieces of clothing from designer brands such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and more, well think again. That is because there are actually a lot of celebrities who simply choose to wear clothing that cost less than $50.


Kristen Bell is known to be the voice of Disney’s Princess Anna, who is from one of the most successful Disney animated movies, Frozen. There is one event that she actually wore a $45 dress that she got from Target, and she totally rocked it. She’s not the only one though, because pop star, Selena Gomez, was seen a couple of times wearing clothing from Target.

Kristen Bell admits to use coupons to save money.

According to Oscar award-winning actress, Reese Witherspoon, you don’t necessarily need to spend so much money on fashion. It’s not always about how much is it, but how often you will be wearing it and how will it look on you. Actor and singer, Justin Timberlake once said in an interview, “I will just say that I am pretty frugal. I’ll probably shop for myself once a year, and that will last me for the rest of the year. What was that Prince said? ‘Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can help you for the pursuit.’”


According to Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence, who is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood today, just because you earn millions, doesn’t mean you have to spend it all on material things. Lawrence actually bought a Chevy Volt for only $39,000, which is extremely compared to all the luxury cars other celebrities own. She is in fact still living in the same three-bedroom apartment she got when she first moved to Los Angeles, California.

Jennifer Lawrence says she was raised to respect money, even when you have lots of it.


One of the top Television actresses of today is Zoey Deschanel when she got divorced from her then-husband, Ben Gibbard in 2012, court documents have unveiled her thrifty spending habits through her monthly budget. Unlike any other celebrities, Deschanel spends less than $5,000 a month on her bills and groceries.

Zooey Deschanel once revealed that she had three credit cards, all of which had zero debt.

Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, was also revealed to have been living in a humble lifestyle. Mrs. Obama was once seen shopping at Target.


Celebrities can be normal people too, only of course if they choose to be. There are times that it is more practical take just the subway or the bus than to take your car with you. Celebrities such as Jake Gyllenhaal and multi-award-winning veteran actor, Tom Hanks, who was even accused of ‘manspreading’ while on a train ride in New York, City back in 2015.

Hope you learned a thing or two when it comes to dealing with your money from these celebrities. Spending and saving wisely don’t have to be difficult, it is all a matter of choice.

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