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Fab Four No More: Meghan and Harry Leave Joint Foundation with Kate and William

When Meghan Markle officially joined the royal family in May 2018, she, husband Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and Prince William were collectively but unofficially dubbed as the Fab Four.

They are a force to be reckoned with, but they were definitely not safe from controversies and rumors. In fact, they have always been plagued with malicious speculations, so much so that the Kensington Palace decided to step in just to maintain a friendly engagement in their social media accounts.

Because of a Rift?

While the royal family tries their hardest to keep the feud rumors between the two couples at bay, there are indeed some telling signs that can prompt naysayers to say that their speculations were right.

The latest of which was the split of the house of Sussex from the house of Cambridge’s Royal Foundation, which they ran together.

According to the Kensington statement of the matter, Meghan and Prince Harry are set to establish their own charitable foundation, but are still expected to support Heads Together, the mental health initiative of the Royal Foundation.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will continue to be with the Royal Foundation

This means that Kate and Prince William will remain with the Royal Foundation, which the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex together have established 10 years ago.

While the move has been seen already from a mile, people can’t help but think that this is the last straw that finally breaks the group and the confirmation of a beef between the royal couples that they needed.

Creative Differences

According to a royal source, there had been some tension among the Fab Four prior to the official split despite the Kensington Palace showing this was a natural progression.

It was a result of creative differences between Meghan and Kate, the insider continued, with the Duchess of Sussex wanting to be more hands-on and involved with the charity whereas the Duchess of Cambridge wanted the opposite.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton reportedly didn’t see eye to eye when it comes to running the foundation

Even when they weren’t seeing eye to eye on how to run the Royal Foundation, the source maintained that it was not a rift, instead, Meghan was just trying to understand what else she could do and how she can be “comfortable with her role.” Royal experts back this fact up, explaining that the separation was not out of the ordinary.

Just Normal

Historian Marlene Koenig pointed out that this was not a big deal at all because joint philanthropic foundations are not common in the first place. Plus, the brothers put up the project when they were still single, so it is just logical that they each establish their own now that they have families.

This comes a few months after Meghan and Prince Harry decided to move out of the Kensington Palace, where the Cambridges live, and into Frogmore Cottage in the Windsor estate.

Meghan and Prince Harry opt to live at the Frogmore Cottage

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s press operations and public relations’ teams are at Buckingham Palace, while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s are at the Kensington Palace. The former “Suits” actress and Prince Harry also have separate Instagram account SussexRoyal.

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