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These Celebrities Have Cracked the Secret Code for Successful Parenting, and Here It Is!

Every parent around the world wants their child to become a respectful person, which is why children are taught about morals and values before anything else. Celebrities like Barbara Corcoran, LeBron James, and Alex Rodriguez are no different than other parents. All of them want to instill good morals and values in their children so they can become successful adults, and the following examples show how they have tried to achieve this feat.

Money Is Tricky

Wealth comes with a lot of responsibility. We have seen plenty of rich kids with celebrity parents who just flaunt their parent’s money and party their life away. Since they have almost never been deprived of any material wealth, it is hard for them to understand the importance of spending money wisely.

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Barbara Corcoran firmly believes that kids belonging to poorer households tend to become more successful in life compared to those who are born into rich families.

Barbara Corcoran is a successful businesswoman who was able to create a $66 million empire from a $1K investment in real estate. However, she is also a mother and has stated that, when the kids are born in a rich household, the parent has to be very careful. They have to make sure to not let their kids feel privileged, which is, of course, a rather complicated task.

Car Riding Lessons

The CEO and founder of A-ROD Corp Alex Rodriguez, who is also a former Major League Baseball star, reportedly uses car rides to teach his daughters about the value of money. It is common for successful parents not being able to find time for their children, which is one of the main reasons why some rich kids lose their path growing up.

However, it seems like Alex knows how to manage his time efficiently, and hence he utilizes the daily car rides to school to teach his daughters about business, real estate, the importance of being frugal, about effective marketing, and the importance of money in general.

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Alex Rodriguez sure knows the importance of spending quality time with his family.

Like every other kid in the world, his daughters obviously have also reportedly gotten sick of hearing lectures from their dad. According to Alex, sometimes when they don’t want the lecture, he just turns on the radio.

He is apparently following the footsteps of his mentor Warren Buffet, who said that teaching good financial habits to kids at a young age provides them with a stable foundation to become successful adults.

Goals and Challenges

LeBron James, the NBA star, has a rather different parenting style compared to the examples mentioned above. Before finding success as a basketball player, both James and his mother were struggling very hard to make their ends meet. Now, he is among the highest paid athletes in the game.

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LeBron James wants his kids to know the value of money even if they have a lot of it.

According to James, while speaking in a podcast, he considers it a challenge to make his kids understand the severity of the challenges faced by an individual when he or she does not have any money. He also admitted that parenting is very hard and no book can give the perfect guide to raise good children.

However, still, he has developed a parenting philosophy which he follows. According to him, by giving the kids a set of goals to achieve and challenges to overcome, he will help them grow up to become independent and stable adults.

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