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Billionaire Kylie Jenner Reveals the Real Reason Why She Started a Business, And It’s Not What We Expected!

Starting your business at a young age, shelling out hard-earned money from your stints, and risking your time and effort to make it successful is no easy feat.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult if you have the right guidance and drive to see your plans through. All you need to do is to follow your passion and you won’t end up feeling like you’re actually working.

And if you love and enjoy what you are doing, you will not notice the time passing by and you might even end up with a billion dollars yourself, much like Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the famous Kardashian-Jenner clan, who proved through hard work and brilliance that anything is achievable.

Kylie Jenner said she is thankful for her success

Self-Made Billionaire

We all know that the 21-year-old is raking tons of money by being a social media superstar but it is specifically her eponymous cosmetics line that makes her uber-rich, which says a lot about how lucrative the beauty industry really is nowadays.

In fact, Kylie’s business largely contributed to making her the youngest self-made billionaire, as declared by Forbes in 2018. It’s quite an impressive feat, to say the least.

The mum-of-one launched her company in 2015 when she was just 17 and she managed to grow her fortune in a span of just four years.

Following her Heart

While she may be enjoying the fruits of her labor, Kylie admitted that she didn’t start Kylie Cosmetics for the financial freedom she enjoys today.

In an interview, the celebrity disclosed she launched her business without thinking of the financial power she will have nor of its fate. What she did keep in mind was her talent and passion for cosmetics.

She explained that her love for make-up was what drove her to put up her business and that she just followed her heart — which is a strategic way of becoming an entrepreneur. Admittedly, she didn’t know she could even pursue her passion and turn it into a successful business, let alone a billion-dollar company.

The makeup maven’s mother and older sisters, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian

With what she’s enjoying right now, the star says she feels blessed that she was able to make a career and have fun at the same time while doing it, clearly, a proof that pursuing your passion and following your heart can have tons of benefits.

A couple of years ago, the entrepreneur was only seen as a member of the famous reality family and a part-time model — with the spotlight fairly focused on big sisters Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian and their mom cum manager, Kris Jenner.

Juggling Family, Career and Business

Initially launching with just $29 lip kits, which with full lips she was also known for, Kylie began venturing into other types of makeup, including brow liners, eyeshadow, highlighters, and even skincare products as of recently.

The reality star welcomed baby Stormi Webster last year

All the while, she became a young mother to Stormi Webster whom she shares with rapper Travis Scott. Besides her eponymous cosmetic empire, the billionaire also stars in their family reality E! series Keeping Up With Kardashians, and maintains a following of 140 million fans on Instagram alone, which made her one of the most followed accounts on the photo-sharing app.

Speaking of social media, it has played a big role in making Kylie successful. Instead of hiring expensive marketing and advertising geniuses, she does the promotion herself and because she has a lot of followers, her reach is vast.

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