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Best Advice from Female Entrepreneurs for Turning Your Passion into a Successful Business

What’s the one thing the world’s wealthiest individuals all have in common? Despite the challenges they faced on their way up, giving up was never an option. No matter how tough the going got, they rose up to the occasion, and aren’t they now enjoying the fruits of their perseverance?

Take Sara Blakely for example. When she first had her Spanx idea, one that would grow into a billion-dollar company, the lady was going door to door trying to get people to buy fax machines.

She obviously didn’t know that her apparel idea would one day make her a billionaire, but she had a dream and wasn’t just about to let her circumstances at the time weigh her down.

A Global Phenomenon

Two years into researching and developing her idea, Blakely tried pitching it to several hosiery mills, receiving that NO every other day. You’d think that after being rejected a number of times she’d resign to her fate, but she wasn’t and still isn’t that kind of woman. She kept at it till she got that YES, and Spanx is now a global phenomenon.

Blakely is worth a billion dollars and counting

And what of Blakely? She is worth $1 billion and counting, and she advises us that we shouldn’t shy away from making mistakes. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? As she puts it, you and your mistakes will become memorable.

Beyoncé Knowles, without a doubt, is one of the most famous women in the world. So how did a simple Texas girl manage to conquer our hearts? Burning the midnight oil, that’s how. The one thing we all know about Beyoncé is that when she commits to something, she’ll follow through come what may.

From Texas to taking over the world

That’s exactly what she did with her music. Ever since she was a little kid, she worked hard and even after rising to fame, she never changed. As she revealed, the moment she achieves one of her goals, she just sets another one, and a higher one at that. Could you do that yourself? Thanks to this trick, Queen Bee is now worth $500 million.

E-commerce Passion

Talking of self-made women, how can Sophia Amoruso not make the list? From since she was younger, she had this e-commerce passion. She’d scavenge for awesome stuff in thrift stores then sell them on eBay. At the time, she hardly had things figured out and was still under her parents’ roof.

Her passion led to the creation of Nasty Gal

Luckily, her eBay exploits took off and she decided to start her own store, Nasty Gal. And what do you know? The online store took right off, making the lady millions while at it.

Adding to the fact that she proceeded to publish a book that became an instant bestseller, it could hardly go better at this. At a net worth of $20 million, Amoruso advises that not worrying about what other people think of your current situation helps you save a lot of time.

Moving on, how can we forget Oprah Winfrey’s story? Everyone knows how much this lady has gone through, and yet it didn’t stop her from conquering the media industry.

She’s currently worth $3.5 billion, and she attributes her success to not having focused her concentration on making money. All she wanted was to be the best in whatever she did.

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