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Tips and Tricks For Sensible Saving

Money is indeed meant to be spent, people get jobs and have a career to be able to earn a good amount of money. People spend money on food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities, but people often shop for unnecessary stuff as well. So if money is meant to be spent, why do people need to save?

Money is made for people to earn so they could get what they need and what they want, but the point of saving is to actually spend the money at the right moment or sometimes a certain thing. Money doesn’t technically has an expiration date, unless the government will change the bills, but that is not an everyday thing. People earn different amounts of money, depending on what their job is. There are people who don’t earn enough money to be able to save, but there wouldn’t be a million if it wouldn’t start with a single dollar. So here are some sensible saving tips and tricks you could totally try.


The best possible way to save money is to keep the money from yourself. There are some people who simply cannot resist spending their money especially if it is over unnecessary things that they don’t actually need, if you’re this kind of person, it is best to put your spare money in a savings account. If it is in your wallet, or anywhere in your house where you can easily have access to it, you might be tempted to spend it

If it is in your wallet, or anywhere in your house where you can easily have access to it, you might be tempted to spend it on something. Simply arrange for a portion of each paycheck and have it deposited straight to your savings or retirement account. It will then automatically make you save every time you get your paycheck, it doesn’t have to be big, it will grow over time, but if you earn more and you wish for your savings to grow faster, then save more.


One of the reasons why people couldn’t save is that they abuse their credit cards too much. The mentality where a person would say, “it’s okay, I’ll be able to pay for it when I get my paycheck and then I’ll just earn it back”, is someone who definitely uses their credit cards so much that they tend to forget that they actually need to save. This is the same for people who takes loans for a house or a car and slowly pay for it.

Most people think that it is cheaper since they pay slowly, but they’re actually paying more over time. There is nothing wrong with loans, but it is best to save money to make a big down payment, because the more of the cost of whatever it is you bought can cover up front, the fast you’ll be able to pay off your loan because you wouldn’t spend do much on interest. It is best to use your credit card for emergency purposes and not when there is a sale on your favorite store.


It is definitely not difficult to set goals in life, the hard part is the path you’re going to be taking to be able to reach that goal. If you are not motivated or simply not inspired, then it is most likely that you don’t really want that certain goal, because if you really want something you’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

This is what mostly pushes people to save, some people save up so they could have their dream car, dream house, or to travel to their dream destination.

If you don’t have a certain goal, it can be rather difficult for you to save up some money. Think hard, you know yourself more than anyone, there has to be something that you really want that would make you want to save.


Last but definitely not the least is to live simply. Nowadays, people would rather go broke just to look rich, and people who are doing anything just to look like they’re not billionaires. The perfect example for this is the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg.

Most people see him wearing a simple shirt, even if he could afford to wear luxury clothing. However, a lot of people spend so much money, just to look rich, even if they can’t really afford it, they do these type of things to just get noticed, just for other people to actually envy them, so they could receive compliments. It is indeed very sad that some people in this world are living to feel superior to others. Try to live simply and you’ll definitely see the world in a different perspective.

Saving is both easy and difficult depending on the person. For a person who knows what is the difference between needs and wants, and at the same time have a wider understanding and have a motivation when it comes to saving for futuristic goals, tend to find it way easier to save, but for people who loves to simply seize the moment and don’t really think of the future, it is extremely difficult to save, you are either one or the other, it is your choice to make, let us know in the comments what your thoughts are when it comes to sensible saving.

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