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Billionaire Wayne Hughes Made a GENEROUS Donation to USC University for This Special Reason

Southern Cal, better known as USC, has had its fair share of generous donations over the years. Most billionaire donors give these financial gifts to the private research university in exchange of being immortalized by the institution, mostly with something on its grounds being named after them.

However, there is one particular billionaire who sends in his donations anonymously. But since we now know of his identity already, he is technically no longer an anonymous donor, right?

The man is one Bradley Wayne Hughes, founder and chairman of Public Storage and an alumnus of the university. Thanks to his self-storage company, the businessman has made smart moves in the real estate industry that have translated to a net worth of $2.6 billion as of March 2018.

Founder and chairman of Public Storage

$400 Million Donation

Thankfully, B. Wayne Hughes has used his accumulated wealth to fund causes he holds dear, with higher education being one of them. To this end, the magnate has donated up to $400 million to USC over the years, sending in each installment anonymously.

The LA Times was able to unmask his secret, and his contributions effectively rank the Public Storage chairman high in the list of individuals who have significantly backed higher education in the Western world.

So, in a world where generous givers prefer to be recognized for their actions, why then is B. Wayne Hughes not choosing this route? According to the entrepreneur’s attorney, his client intentionally chooses to avoid drawing too much attention to himself. This is rare in philanthropists, don’t you agree?

Hughes founded the company in 1972

But Hughes has been like this all his life. Even after founding Public Storage way back in 1972 and the company hitting it big, the man continued leading a middle-class life, despite being worth a fortune. He continued to eat at the fast-food joints he used to frequent and didn’t alienate his friends.

The other thing that he also never let go of was his relationship with Southern Cal. In addition to his many donations, Hughes has also been back to USC multiple times and has strong ties with the institution’s administration. Why wouldn’t he, when he is most definitely one of their most successful graduates?

A Liking to Sports

By the way, did you know that the chairman has a particular liking to sports? A huge portion of his USC donations has been towards the university’s sports and athletics programs. And just to put the man’s need for anonymity into context, Hughes donated $5 million towards the naming of the university’s basketball court to the Jimmy Sterkel Court back in 2006.

The Jimmy Sterkel Court

Jimmy Sterkel was a member of USC’s b. ball team back in the 1950s, one who Hughes fondly remembers. To keep his name from the donation, he claimed that the joy in which he remembers the player would be reduced if people were ever to know that it was, he who sent in the donation.

Not even Sterkel’s widow knew who made the moving gesture in honor of her late husband, but she must have been touched. It’s not every day a stranger honor your loved one now, is it? Thanks to the LA Times, however, she now knows who to thank for everything.

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