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Bill Gates Unveils Public Health Threats In The Next 10 Years

As one of the most influential people in the world, Bill Gates makes sure to have his voice heard. Alongside his wife, Melinda Gates, they have released their very first-annual “Goalkeepers” report. This year, Bill revealed some of the most infectious and chronic diseases that could be nation’s biggest public health concern. Although no one can really what the future holds, a group of medical scientists have been studying these diseases for years and may have a pretty accurate finding. Some of these diseases have been widely known for years, and there are also some that people are not really aware of.

Bill Gates at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting in New York.

According to the richest man alive, “The chronic diseases, including things like diabetes or Alzheimer’s, neurological conditions, they are increasingly what the big problem is.”

There are a lot of chronic diseased that are found in developing countries stem from environmental factors, and some not a lot of people are actually aware of it. “In a lot of still-developing countries, you have an infectious disease, whether it’s malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, tuberculosis, HIV, still in very large numbers,” Gates explained.


Bill Gates, together with his wife, Melinda, launched this huge private foundation that was launched 17 years ago during the new millennium. It is known to be the largest transparently operated private foundation in the entire world. This foundation aims to globally enhance healthcare and as well as to reduce extreme poverty. In the United States, it aims to expand educational opportunities and to be able to access information technology in many ways.

Bill and Melinda Gates with the medical team in charge at the Mapinga Dispensary in Tanzania

There are actually three main people at that top of this foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates, along with one of the most successful business magnates in the world, Warren Buffet, and this foundation is currently based in Seattle, Washington.


In the United States alone, Alzheimer’s and dementia have been one of the primary causes of deaths. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the cases will triple by the time 2050 comes. However, scientists have yet to confirm what could be the causes of for the rise.

Some chronic diseases, on the other hand, are more straightforward, such as the greatest killer in the United States at the moment which is cancer. It is basically the one responsible for the 1 million deaths each year. According to Gates, the biggest burdens in these developed countries are research as well as all the costs for creating drugs that could at least slow these diseases down from killing the affected person.


The Trump administration announced their recommended budget proposal, slashing the global health fund by a big 26 percent or $4.2 billion, that would eliminate global family planning. That is why global-health advocates are definitely worried because it would definitely have major and tragic effects.
Bill and Melinda Gates began writing their report even before the White House released the proposed budget. “If a government starts de-funding stuff, it means something doesn’t matter to them. That is the signal I think you’re seeing from this administration,” Melinda Gates explained.


According to a report by Christopher Murray, who is the director of the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, as well as the global-health professor at the University of Washington, this would definitely affect the children the most. Child deaths could go up to 3.3 million by 2030 compared to the 2.5 million today. There are 29 new cases of malaria per 1,000 people every single year alone.


Courtesy of Bill &a Melinda Gates Foundation

“The simple fact is that wealthy philanthropists don’t have enough money to fill the gap even if they wanted to,” This is what Gates said regarding the fact that his foundation wouldn’t be able to fill the gap that was created by a reduction in aid spending by the U.S. government.


The Mexican Policy was reversed by former President Obama in 2009, and any Republican president can reinstate it, with Trump, it can be very unpredictable. Mrs. Gates is very concerned about the millions of girls around the world whose futures depend on the ability to use contraceptives.
Last March, Bill Gates reportedly had a meeting with some Congressional leaders to discuss things such as the foreign, this is because of the Congress’ reluctance when it comes to the foreign-aid cuts. However, it is not just the United States who are the source of global-health dollars, but as one of the most powerful countries in the world, it would have such a big impact.

“We are constantly going out to governments, whether it is Africa, whether it is in India, or the United Kingdom, and saying, you have to keep up this funding,” The richest man said.

Courtesy of Bill &a Melinda Gates Foundation

It very important for a nation to look after one another especially in times where people couldn’t really afford to take care of their health. Keep in mind that regardless of all these diseases, we must all remain calm and collected. There are in fact a lot of ways to prevent some of them, such as trying to live a healthy lifestyle by taking care of your own physical being by getting enough sleep, eating the right kind of foods, and having regular exercise.

These alone can help fight these diseases, and of course, avoid such unhealthy habits that people are into. There might be unknown reasons how or where these diseases come from, but according to experts, one thing is for sure, they wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for mankind’s abuse of their own physical being as well as their surroundings.

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