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Bhad Bhabie Signs Multi-Million Dollar Contract

Music these days seem to be going on a steady decline. Don’t get us wrong, there are a lot of great artists that have earned their fame and fortune, but there are also a lot of artists that will just make you wonder why are they even famous. A good example of this is Danielle Bregoli or the “Cash me outside howbow dah” girl from Dr. Phil. Here is what you need to know about Danielle, and how she landed a massive multi-million dollar record deal.

Appearance On Dr.Phil

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First Appearance On Dr. Phil

Danielle Bregoli first became known for her appearance on Dr. Phil in the episode, “I Want To Give Up My Car-Stealing, Knife-Wielding, Twerking 13-Year-Old Daughter Who Tried To Frame Me For A Crime” which aired in September 2016, and became viral in January 2017. She became known for her catchphrase  “Cash Me Ousside How Bout Dah”, which she said when she threatened to fight the people in the audience when she got ticked off when she became the butt of the joke. This 14-year-old girl became famous for her wild and disrespectful attitude, and her catchphrase became an internet meme which only made her even more famous. Everyone thought that the hilarious episode was the last time we would hear about this annoying little girl, but as it turns out she will eventually become famous (or infamous). We just hope that it won’t last long.

Music Career

Debut Single

After appearing on Dr. Phil, Danielle Bregoli became an internet sensation because of her attitude and her catchphrase “Cash Me Ousside How Bout Dah”, which DJ Suede The Remix God recorded and decided to edit it into a song which surprisingly, became an instant hit. The single was able to reach the Billboard Hot 100, Streaming Songs, and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts in March 2017, and even became an internet dance craze where people on Youtube decided to post videos of them dancing to the song. Bregoli then went on to release her own single titled “These Heaux” on August 26, 2017, which more surprisingly was able to reach the number 77 on the Billboard Hot 100 and made her the youngest female rap artist to debut on the music chart. She now goes by the rapper name Bhad Bhabie, and is becoming a rising star in the music industry; we just don’t know why.

The Signing a Record Deal With Atlantic Records

Signing A Multi-Million Dollar Deal With Atlantic Records

After the success of her debut single “These Heaux”, Danielle Bregoli who goes by the rapper name Bhad Bhabie, was able to land a recording contract with Atlantic Records which is reported to be worth millions of dollars. She has been going on multiple TV appearances, and is steadily gaining more and more social media followers further increasing her fame. Just recently, she has done a remix of the hit Kodak Black song “Roll In Peace” and Tee Grizzley and Lil Yachty song “From the D to the A” which also became a hit. Here is the photo after she has signed the deal with Atlantic Records, which means that she is now a recording artist that we will certainly be hearing more from in the future. We’re just not sure if that is really a good thing.

Steady Rise to Fame and Fortune

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Becoming more and more famous (and infamous)

Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie, has recently released a new single just this September 22, 2017 titled “Hi Bich”, and then another single just a day after called “Whachu Know” (real classy titles, we know). The music video reached over a million views in just 24 hours. She is becoming more and more famous, and her publicist has recently mentioned that if you want to do a photo-op with her then expect to pay at least $30,000 per event if it’s in the United States and at least $40,000 if it’s anywhere outside the United States. You just got to wonder why do people like these become famous?

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