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Bond Girls Then & Now

To this date, the iconic character of James Bond, a British spy, has been passed down to seven actors, all of them putting their own unique style in the mix. However, it’s not just these actors that make up a Bond film. There are a lot of women behind each entry in the franchise. In fact, they are considered just as important as the Bond actors. If not for them, the franchise wouldn’t be as successful. Since the whole thing began in 1962, the number of women behind the films grew over the years. Here’s a list of what they are up to now, whether they are already retired or still making money to plan out the best retirement. Let’s see how many of them you can still remember.

Eva Green – Age 40 years

Before even portraying the role of the intriguing Vesper Lynd in the film Casino Royale, Eva Green already made a name for herself after appearing in the film The Dreamers in 2003. Eva watched her paycheck rise throughout the years of her acting career and currently, she’s still active as an actress and a model. In 2014, Green talked about her spiritual side after playing the role of a spiritualist in the hit TV series Penny Dreadful. Eva shared about her not being religious and her belief in supernatural forces.

This Bond girl was also a title holder for Miss France back in 1958. Can you guess who she is?

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