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Four Seasons is Offering Ultra-Luxe Tours with Private Jets, But at a Very Steep Price

If traveling first class is luxurious, then what would you call a flight on a private jet? Super-luxurious, maybe.

Point is, nothing beats flying private. Unfortunately, this is a recluse for the filthy rich, and most of us can only dream about it. But our dreams are valid, right?

The one thing synonymous with these super-rich folks is their desire to live large, touring the world, and having a really good time while at it. What’s that saying they love throwing around – all work and no play?

Filling the Market Gap

This “need to play” creates a potentially fulfilling market gap that budding entrepreneurs have already begun tapping into, coming with ultra-luxe tour companies that head out to all destinations across the world.

The “need to play” creates a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs

While the rich race against time to strike off destinations in their bucket lists, these tour companies are cashing in big.

Given the amount of capital one has to invest to run a private jet tour company, it’s no surprise that these flights hardly come cheap. Luckily, the target market can afford them and then some.

According to CNBC, an all-inclusive trip to whichever destination you wish to explore will cost you upwards of $100,000, and that’s not for the entire family just so you know.

If you have a family of five, half a million dollars will just about cover it. Is that a cold sweat forming on your brow?

The upside to this, says Becky Powell who’s Protravel International’s president, is that you get the entirety of your money’s worth.

Food and drinks are top-notch, the staff aboard provide the best care, white glove services are at your behest, and all special amenities you can think of are available.

Food and drinks are top notch

This, therefore, sets you up for the perfect travel experience, and the fact that you’ll have like-minded passengers accompanying you is the icing on the cake.

Just being in an exotic destination feels surreal, right? Now imagine being there while enjoying the best services that money can buy.

Boeing 757s

If you’ve ever been curious as to which exact companies offer such tours and at what price, then you’re in luck. One such travel company is National Geographic.

For their expeditions, they charge trips starting from $78,945 per individual, and for that, you get to cruise the world in a Boeing 757. Famous destinations include Africa and South America, with the focus mostly being on cultural exploration and education.

Another tour agency big on culture is Smithsonian Journeys, with trips here being as from $85,950 per individual. The bird in the air is the same as the one above, mostly a 76-seater. Their most sought-after destinations include Marrakesh, Samoa, Easter Island, and Machu Picchu among others.

You definitely know of Four Seasons hotels, don’t you? They also have private jet tours, with their guest experience director Javier Loureiro revealing that they consider their jets to be an extension of their hotels.

The Four Seasons’ private jet

They own a Boeing 757 too, and plans are in the works for an Airbus A321neo to join their ranks by 2021.

Their trips last for at least three weeks, and for at least $163,000 per person. They have various destinations all around the world, and their packages include accommodation in their own hotels. Smart, right?

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