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Here’s How David and Victoria Beckham Have Become a Billion Dollar Brand

Victoria and David Beckham have been the all-time power couple, with everything from their dressing sense, their well-mannered children, to their big career moves.

The dynamic duo has recently gained the billionaire title, almost twenty years after it was initially predicted by Simon Fuller, the manager of Spice Girls, who had said that both David and Victoria would be cumulatively worth a billion dollars due to their professionalism and intimacy appeal.

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David and Victoria have always been a symbol of intimacy around the world due to their extremely attractive appearance.

What Made This Possible

Just like how a power couple should be, David and Victoria Beckham crossed this milestone together, that’s for sure. All of their assets and business profits combined have made them a billionaire couple. The smart couple also chose to invest their money in various luxury properties which will definitely help them retain their billionaire title for a considerable period of time.

David Beckham’s company, Footwork Productions, alone made a profit of approximately $300 million. Moreover, David’s DB Ventures Ltd scooped up $AU168.4 million, and Beckham Brand Holdings has reportedly made over $AU488 million of profit.

Apart from this, David had earned millions from his career as a soccer player as well. He also has his own whiskey brand and advertising contracts with brands like Samsung, Pepsi, and Adidas.

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Even after a very successful career in football, David Beckham has found even more success with his business ventures.

Victoria Beckham is doing well enough for herself as well. Her fashion business has bagged approximately $AU187 million. Furthermore, she has earned up to $AU18.7 million through Moody Productions and her career as one of the Spice Girls.

Love At First Sight For Victoria

The love story of David and Victoria Beckham is as dreamy as it can get. Victoria didn’t shy away from admitting that it was love at first sight for her when she saw David back in 1997. The couple has been quite vocal about their love story in front of the media. David has also admitted to being shy when he met the pop sensation for the first time.

The couple kissed for the first time at a parking lot of a restaurant and had a luxurious wedding soon, two years after meeting each other. Their wedding reception was filled with millionaires from around the world. Now, they have a beautiful family with four children, namely Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper Beckham.

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The pair share four beautiful children together.

Their Ups and Downs

Even though David and Victoria are idealized as a couple but they still have had to face some serious allegations and were subjected to some very cheap scandals. Back in 2003, David was alleged to have an affair with his former assistant, Rebecca Loos. The rumor was denied by both David and Victoria but Rebecca Loos claimed that she had an intimate relationship with David, on an interview with SKY TV.

That same year, a beautician named Danielle Heath was linked to David. This time, the couple responded with a lawsuit against the news outlet that was responsible for the initial propagation of this scandal. After a couple of other scandals, the couple released a statement expressing how tired they had become of people who keep trying to make money from spreading false news at their expense.

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